Did i do rite?

  • when i was 21 i was with a guy we had been on and off since i was 13 he wasn't my first flame but he just had a way with me that no one els had or has had since.well we brokeup for a 2 months got back to gether he tells me something happened with his best friends sis he was drunk didn't meen for it to happen sorry.i new she had always been after him but he was with me or in canada,so i got over it fast .....till she shows up prego.well he lets her now he wants to be a dad but he was staying with me,that was fine till her last trimester then he comes home and tells me she says if he is with me when the baby comes see was moving to a diffrent state.well i tell him it should be a e-z get your stuff and get out.and i left.i came back 2 weeks latter packed his stuff and dropped it off at a friends house.he called many times and i nevver answered.i came back to visit my mom and saw him i almost fainted he has changed but i new it was him my aunt said when he saw me his jaw droped he froze for a sec than left leaving a cart full of food.that broke my hart and i have always wondered what if i had stayed

  • Autumn,

    Honestly, there is little need to consider 'what-ifs'. You made the decision of a strong, smart, self-reliant woman and there is nothing wrong with that!

    Go girl!

    He had your heart but couldn't keep it. Tough luck for him.



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