Astra may I have a reading please

  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you can do a reading for me if you have the time. 🙂

    Its in relation to my lovelife - do you see positive changes soon in my lovelife?

    Do you see marriage and children ahead for me?

    Thank younas always.


  • Hi Elaine

    I looked at some cards earlier and have been pondering your situation today, so let me try and share and you can weigh it out.

    Just to let you know, my approach to the tarot is a little different lately. I find myself moving away from trying to predict futures, and rather look at what is going on inside of me, which is probably where our life experience begins. On the inside. So, on your reading I was getting a LOT of that sort of energy or path for you right now. I think SmilerE really is getting deeper in touch with herself, and that in turn could very well play the key role in seeing your companion appearing one fine day.

    I do tend to float off into lala land too, so You will need to use your own judgment about anything I share. I like to play at tarot-psychotherapy. I know, I should probably not make light, however sometimes laughter is the best recipe for lovers waiting in the wings. It attracts them into our lives! I hope. We can hope.

    So, your cards all pointed up or down, not any left or right, except one. The High Priestess to your right, so she is somehow "right" for you "right now". She is quiet and serene and off in her own dimension of love. So that is where you are heading quickly dear Elaine. A mindset of love. Exuding from you silently, attracting suitors like a queen attracts honey. They will be helplessly drawn to your love atmosphere. What is that atmosphere? It is the dreams and the visions, of what you deserve. Which is everything you asked for, a thousand times over.

    Your center card was the eight of Cups. Crossing (or covering) that is the 6 of Swords, and both of these cards were pointing to high noon. So this sums your situation, a desire for the expanse of love, and the communication of intimacy with that. You long to communicate about intimacy, and things of personal and private concerns. I saw that very much with your reading, there are many cards turned to the midnight hour, which indicates areas where your unconscious world is speaking to you. Wanting you to know things about your deepest self. And the wonderful thing Elaine, is that the more you know about you, all aspects of you, the nice, and the not so nice, all of it is equally beautiful and lovely. So your darker night self is speaking these things to us now.

    These realms are addressing some very intense themes in your life, judgment (release), Death as an outer influence (the appearance of the world without a companion yet is hard to take sometimes)

    The Tower as your hope or dream is desire to see your life totally transform in order to prepare the ground for a beautiful relationship.

    And, the outcome is the changes of the physical life to bring these things to pass.

    The outlook for love is excellent, I see you entering a time where you are understanding yourself more, and envisioning exactly what it is you want in love. The cards really seem to emphasize your inner world of unconscious desires as shaping your expected love reality.

    I say your out look is now getting fantastically better, moment by moment!

    Hope that provides something to consider. As for marriage and children, I am sure those can easily be achieved as well, I see nothing limiting you at this time. Keep the faith, keep longing for love. There is a man for sure, perfect for you. I know the universe longs to bring love to your door.


  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks so very much for your time to give me a reading. Your reading gives me hope as i am/was on the verge of giving up on love for me. 🙂

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