Psychic Reading for my Birthday Please. Thank you

  • Tomorrow is my birthday and I would very much appreciate a psychic reading on what the year ahead has in store for me.

    Thank you.

  • RS, sorry this is late but I have been on jury duty.

    Reading -

    Your challenge in life RS is to understand that self-belief is the root of all happiness and good fortune because of the like-attracts-like principle. However hard you try to fit in or lose yourself in the crowd, you will always attract attention. Your appeal is so powerful and bright that it refuses to blend in or conform. You tend to stand out, but not because others reject or ridicule you. You stand out because there is something incredibly likable and appealing about you; you may be beautiful to look at, you may have a seductive voice or may be extremely athletic or intelligent. Whatever the secret of your appeal, the curious thing is that a part of you longs to withdraw and not attract attention. You often resent feeling like a square peg in a round hole, but as long as you are unable to accept or embrace your uniqueness, you will find that your opportunities for success and fulfillment are limited. However, once you are mature enough to celebrate who you are, you can put your natural appeal to work so that the attention you gather can be redirected as you wish.

    Until the age of thirty, there will be an emphasis in your life on practically and perfectionism, and these are the years when you are most likely to deny or repress your individuality. After the age of about thirty-one, however, there is a turning point for you that brings a growing awareness of relationships. Your creative abilities might be enhanced as well, and these are the years when you are likely to feel more comfortable with yourself and your exceptional talents.

    Above all, you are extraordinarily imaginative, and because you are also blessed with resourcefulness and formidable practical skills to develop your visions, you have trailblazing potential. The only roadblock is your tendency to repress your deep creativity and originality, but when you realize that far more satisfaction can be gained from expression and involvement than from detachment and distance, and that people love you for being fresh and original, you will have a world of opportunities for success and happiness at your feet.

    Love: You are so attractive to others that you may be often surrounded by admirers and will not spend long periods of your life single. You do need to be careful that your active social life does not make it hard for you to commit to the right partner for you, because you really are at your happiest and best when in a committed and loving relationship.

    Health: You may often feel you need to prove or change yourself in some way and this may manifest in a doomed quest for the perfect body or attitude. Seeking out a healthier lifestyle is a great thing, but seeking the perfect body is not good or helpful, sometimes even leading to eating disorders and body image problems. You should be aiming for a healthy body that functions, not a perfect body that looks like the models in glossy magazines. As far as diet is concerned, you need to make sure you don’t overload on dairy and meat products, nor on processed and refined foods, as these could lead to digestive troubles. The emphasis should be on fresh, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, oily fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils like olive or sunflower oil. Regular exercise is recommended as it will help boost your immunity and self-esteem. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding yourself with the color violet will encourage you to embrace your unique creativity.

    Career: You may be drawn to politics, science or the arts, but whatever profession you choose, you will be spurred on by your desire to make positive changes. Your lively intellect may make you choose education, publishing and writing, and the need for variety may draw you toward the travel and tourism industries. Alternatively you may excel in art, music, the entertainment world, and sport.

    Destiny: Your life path RS is to put less focus on proving yourself and more energy into accepting yourself. Once you have found a way to cope with the interest that others often have in your life, your destiny is to become a role model for all those who feel different in some way or that they don't fit in.

    Your greatest challenge is yourself resisting the temptation to “fit in”. The way forward for you is to celebrate the fact that your inspired originality, however much you try to hide it, is destined to attract attention.

    Power Thought - “I am special, wonderful and free and happy to be myself”

    After the expansive creative energies of last year, 2013 for you is a time to solidify your foundation and get the details of your life in order. This particular year's energy vibration for you governs earthly concerns such as your home, family, money, finances, and day to day activities. You will want to 'square your corners' and set the stage for the dramatic year of change that lies ahead in 2014. Anything you can do to get organized will serve you well, including tidying up the structural imperfections of your home, or establishing daily regimes or routines. This would be an ideal time to buy a home or establish a business, provided you pay careful attention to your contracts. Whether you are buying a home, investing in a business, or preparing for the future in any way, it would serve you to be very thorough with your financial planning and create a budget or spending plan. Your physical body will need more attention this year, so make sure to stay disciplined about getting enough rest and exercise. This might sound very dull and restrictive but it isn’t. These disciplines will create more freedom and expansiveness for you in the long run. This can be a highly enjoyable time where you feel yourself becoming more secure and stronger in every moment. This can also be a beneficial time to enjoy with family. All of your hard work will pay off in the long run. You will be so glad you had the fortitude to build your foundation now.

    2014 will be a dramatic and exciting year for you. The year will feel like it is flying by because there will be so many changes, new opportunities, and activities. After all the hard work of last year, this will be a fantastic time to have fun and meet new people, or travel to distant places. You may even feel the urge to relocate. You will find your social life expanding as you feel more expansive as well. If there are any structures in your life that restrict you, 2014 will be the time to shake them off and seek new horizons. This will be a wonderful time to have an adventure so if there is anywhere you want to go, buy your ticket next year. Or take that class you always wanted to take, or go to the theater, or even be in the theater! If you want to take up a new hobby, being in a group environment would be especially rewarding. If you are involved in the media or have always wanted to be, you’ll feel extra blessed in 2014. If you want to grow your business, any type of advertising would prove worthwhile. Make sure that with all of these changes and new feelings that you don't scatter your energies. Listen to your heart to discern what is most important and make your decisions based on your intuitive guidance. You might make mistakes, but that is how you learn, and those lessons will serve you and help you to instruct others in the future.

    RS, I hope this helps!

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  • My advice is to keep your head down this year and avoid confrontations with your soon-to-be ex husband. All your son needs from you is your love. Possessions are nothing, it is people who count. 2014 is the time for you when big changes will happen so try to hold it together until then and make practical plans to better your situation, like getting a better paying position or maybe even considering whether a move from your area or even town would be more advantageous to you both in the long run. Do what you need to do. You must be practical, disciplined and hard-working this year in order to bring about wonderful opportunities next year. They may even start to manifest towards the end of this year if you do the required work. For you 2013 is a time of vision, management, priority, effort, limitation, restriction, determination and breakthrough. Your sense of identity - who you are and what you believe - is the principle theme. The events of this very practical year will leave you in no doubt that the time has come to set new priorities and strive toward a specific long-term goal. This time involves organization and work; how things work, making things work, and working towards something that means a lot to you.

    As the year unfolds, you will need to develop a clear vision of what you want and make a firm commitment to attaining it. Keep in mind that the reason the year may often feel confusing and 'difficult' is because its nature seems to place obstacles in your path any time your attention is diverted from reality. Setting realistic goals will not only help you to stay focused, but will often result in a very satisfying achievement. Whatever it is you hope to accomplish, (and your priorities may change several times this year), you can be assured that it involves mental, emotional and/or physical hard work, but this guarantees rewards.

    Examine your beliefs towards money and luck - are you perhaps stuck in feeling that good fortune may never be your destiny? You need to believe that you are being taken care of and that you have nothing to fear or worry about. Fear and worry will worsen your situation. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it from others.

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