Is this psychic authentic? How do you know?

  • I posted this in the psychic section and did not get a response, so I am hoping to get one here...

    I went to see a new psychic a few days ago, Tressa. I have felt drawn to her for a while now, just like I was to the other psychic, Amelia in the beginning. I feel like I have gone as far as I can with Amelia. I wasn't going to see anymore psychics… try looking to God for the answers… but I still feel blocked. I thought about it a long time, several weeks, before making this appoint with Tressa. I even canceled the first one I made because I wasn't sure about her.

    She did confirm many of the things that Amelia told me. That my issues are not with money… they are with love, I have never had good luck in relationships… I am going to be on my career path in a year and a half in the medical field, but I need a spiritual cleansing to get there, because my current state is slowing my progress.

    She said that the man I love is making me sick… blocking my path… that he does love me, but wants to do things his way… and stay distant. She said that when he tries to come close, that I push him away… that I don’t trust him, or anyone. She says I will be with him for a while, but there will be another man come into my life that will feel good, like it should, and that I will "drop the other man like a hot potato" lol!… and that I will have a choice between them. She said I am a beautiful woman and that I can have any man I want, and I have to believe that.

    She said that there are 3 children (only have one now) in my life. I will have a son when I am ready, whose spirit has always been with me, and a grandchild. My Daughter is okay, a good person… that I did a good job raising her, and that she is trying to do things on her own, and doesn't like to ask for help (like her ol' mama)… but she worries about money and does need a pep talk.

    She said that my Mom is sick, lacking energy, sleeps in the daytime because she can't sleep at night, but hides it from me… needs to have her cholesterol and blood pressure checked... she loves me and is here for me… she saw how I was the caretaker for Mom when I was young, but she finally grew up and is there for me now. She says that my Dad, and my Grandma are my guardian angels and my spirit guides. She also says that I had an inheritance from each of them that I did not receive. The families withheld it from me and they are both bothered about it. This is my maternal Grandmother, so two different instances of the inheritance. This threw me for a loop... not sure what to do or think about it. She also says that a woman at work who dyes her hair dark is jealous of me… that could only be my boss, and doesn't make much sense in my current job.

    In order to proceed, she wants to do 3 sessions with me for spiritual cleansing… 1) write down all my positives and negatives, 2) cleansing my former wedding bands, 3) something with 2 roses to read the relationship between me and the current man in my life. It will cost $120 per session, but she says we can make a trade for some seamstress work. She said she will not charge me for the next session. I told her I wanted to think about it all, and she agreed that it is my decision and she will not pressure me. She said that Amelia wasn't getting through the underlying issues with the candle work… that she wasn't strong enough. She even acknowledged that I had given her a fair amount of money for it.

    So, they both read similar things, and things that I have felt from the spirit… so where do I go from here? I still don’t have the clear answers that I am seeking. I know that I am spiritually gifted... and never quite learned to use my gifts to their fullest potential. I get blocked easily with everything that has happened in my the past few years since I became aware and accepted my gifts. I still don't trust myself to interpret things correctly. Everything that both of them read was in conjunction with what I understand about myself... yet I feel I always have to search for the answers, or confirmation, before I can really accept things.

    I guess my question is in regard to continue putting money out for this help. Is it possible to do these things on my own? I would appreciate any feedback or opinions that anyone has on this. I am also open to any insight anyone has on these readings.

    Love and blessings to all!

  • Can you not try to do tasks one and two yourself first?

  • Thank you for responding, Captain. I do not understand what you are asking.

  • "In order to proceed, she wants to do 3 sessions with me for spiritual cleansing… 1) write down all my positives and negatives, 2) cleansing my former wedding bands, 3) something with 2 roses to read the relationship between me and the current man in my life."

    You can cleanse the rings by soaking them in water with sea salt in it out under the sun or moon for a few hours.

  • Thank you Captain! I will give this a try. How will I know if I have been successful, or even that she would be successful?

    Do you have any feedback on how to tell if a psychic is authentic?

  • You have to listen to what your gut tells you about a psychic. But mostly you can do the work for yourself if you believe you can.

  • Hi MissyMill,

    You can gain support and confidence from socialization with like minded ones in your area through meetup groups who will help you to validate what you already know within yourself. Choose wisely what is best for your advancement and emotional well being.

    As you have seen

    There are loving souls here with experience and encouragement to assist.

    The web is an encyclopedia of knowledge on how to develop our abilities. Your money might be better spent on tools for self education for your spiritual development.

    Let love and positive vibration be the source from which to move forward.

  • There are great videos on youtube on how to cleanse our space, meditations on clearing our chakras of negative energies, how to connect with our spirit guides. It is a fascinating world, but again, use your intuition to choose wisely what is in your best interest.

  • Sorry for posting again..this will be my, for now.

    When you feel blocked..ask yourself what it is that is blocking you in a quiet, meditative environment. Take the moment to breathe..pause..and reflect on the situation your are trying to discern.

    Fear is usually the blocking mechanism, so ask yourself..what is it you are afraid of in that particular situation. Reason on the fear, reveal it for what it is and it will have no power.

    If it is the fear of being wrong, reaffirm within yourself that the truth will be revealed, if you only ask for it. Then keep your mind and heart open for signs.

    Do not be afraid to trust and love your own intuitive nature and soul.

    Remember who you were when you were young in this life and one by one, examine the most dominant of past experiences and reflect on the outcome of it and how it has affected your day to day living. Go directly to that experience and understand how it affected you and how it influences you today.

    Make a choice to dissolve the negative repercussions of that experience and choose to cover the experience in the light of love and golden energy, and affirm the good and loving vibration of your soul has survived. You are still here. Still loved. Still present.

  • When a reader ask that you come back to have further work done such as curse removal or energy clearing, run from them as fast as you can. I had a similer exsperiance. One asked me to hurry back before a certain hour with $120.00. To remove a curse. Made me feel like she was having her electric shut off soon or something. lol. I never went back. But. As for her reader

    abilities , she was spot on.

  • Thank you Patchlove! You provided some great information. I have looked for a psychic group near me, but have not found one close by. I have to drive an hour, and can't really spare the time for that now. It most certainly would help guide me in the process. I agree that maybe my money could be better spent, which is why I posed this question.

    I have used a few meditations form youtube. I just continually question what I get when I meditate, which is why I am always seeking a source for confirmation. You are spot on about fear blocking me. The prior psychic lady told me to be leery of bad spirits getting in when I meditate, and I have been kinda scared ever since. And as you suggested, I am afraid of being wrong... that my own desires manifest themselves and I start believing things that aren't real. So I know you are right about learning to trust and love my own intuition.

    Thank you for your responses. I will take everything you said to heart.

    blessings to you!

  • Thank you Hermither! I completely agree with running from a psychic who puts that kind of pressure on someone. If I felt pressured, I most certainly would have run from that. (I am not one to eaily part with my money! lol!) The first lady I say never pressured me for money. One time she didn't even charge me. What concerned me about her is her suggesting the candle work, and not really knowing what I was paying for... if she was really doing the work on her end. She was usually spot on in her readings, and helped me understand things, although some of her predictions have yet to manifest.

    This new lady that I saw said she just wants to help me... that it is up to me... and she is willing to barter for seamstress work. I am considering doing this rather than paying her money if I can make the time for it. It is simply that option that keeps me from running. She also said she will not charge for the next reading. since, I have spent time thinking about her reading... some things she was spot on, and some she was not. I also examine the generic type responses compared to the details that she got right.

    This would all be so much easier if I could see for myself! Lol! Thanks for your response!

    Blessings to you!

  • When I venture forth in spiritual advancement, I always ask for angelic protection and the light of gods love to cover me. It immediately dispels any fear i have.

    I ask for it in all aspects of life, especially traveling.It is comforting; I believe in the power of love to ward off negative vibrations or energies, and to heal.

    Sometimes it takes years for some events to manifest, but when the reality appears, you will know and remember.

    Some simple exercises to determine your level of intuition may suffice to keep you from becoming immersed in self delusion and keep an objective viewpoint.

    I'm always humbled when I try to guess a card

    When you meditate...and question what your impression is...toss what you are thinking into the ring. It might be good to get feedback from others.

    Also...write them down...keep a journal to write down your impressions. When you have them can let it rest...Only time will tell the telling.

    Love and Blessings to you too!

  • Hi Patchlove! Thank you for that information. I will remember to ask for the protection when I am doing spiritual work. That is something that I seem to forget about. I understand what you are saying about the power of love. In recovering from a divorce, I have had to deal with a lot of negative energies and emotions, which is probably why I might need a spiritual cleansing. I have been working hard to work through and overcome these things in the past 3 years. In this process I got odd track from my spiritual quest.

    You have given me some great feedback, and a great place to start. I have been keeping a journal and it has helped. I recently found some things that I had written a few years ago before my separation, It was an eerie feeling as I read through them, although some of them didn't make alot of sense either, lol! I have also been thinking back over my life, about the things that I kinda knew as I go along, in comparison to the things that I simply thought my life would be. It's a slow process, but it seems to be getting clearer as time passes.

    Thank you again! Blessings!

  • Hi MissyMill, I felt compelled to try to help u, Reiki came to my head, maybe cuz I need to align my energies too and Im gonna do it too, but I have to pay, reiki can help u too knowing whats ur purpose in this life and how to heal yourself and align ur chakras u just need to find a good person to do it on u, U also can read "You can heal your life, from Louise Hay" Im finding it very interesting, look for a free download on the net. Good luck and blessings.

  • Thank you MissyMill!

    Blessings indeed!


  • Thank you mariapisces! I will look into that as well.

    Best wishes and blessings to you!

  • HELLO,

    IAM a reader myself in a clairvoyant way. I read your questions and want you to know that we all go through cycles of life where we will feel confused or blocked and there may not be an immediate answer. I just read for my husband the other night and did not get an answer that he was wanting. It just simply was not to be given at that time. We have to leave room for faith and timing for the motion of life to happen to us and for us.

    It is your free will choice if you want to give money to psychics for what they call service given.

    Sounds like your instints told you to get more information before doing so. Good for you !

    The readers were able to help you on a certain level , but you expected more deeper answers in which sometimes life it self will bring to you.

    I wish you joy and love as you walk this journey called life.


  • Thank you Shuabby for your response. I understand what you are saying. I have been in that difficult part of the cycle, but with each passing day, things seem a little clearer. I am really just sorting through everything over and over, trying t discern what I need in my life from what I need to get rid of. I know that I am definitely in a better place than I was a year ago, and i see myself moving forward and coming out f this gray limbo that I feel that I have been in. There are still so many unanswered questions, but I know that I have to trust God for the answers to come to me at the right time.

    You are absolutely right that I expected more than what these ladies could provide for me. I am always looking for solid answers... I guess to reinforce my faith when it wavers. But, I am learning to trust what I believe... and to believe what I trust... if that makes any sense at all. I am learning that all I really have to count on is my faith and my own intuition. and... most of all, I have to be patient. It is my own impatience that gets me worked up into a tizzy when things are not looking like I want them to be, and I am not getting the answers that I want to have.

    I very much appreciate your feedback. Blessings, love, and light to you!

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