Career dilemma ..please help!

  • Can someone kind please read what kind of career I will/ should choose to settle in? No body is willing to give me a job because of lack of experience. I stayed away from working for over a decade and now I am confused. Thinking of going to school but am not sure what should I study or if I should at all? Your help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hiya hon

    ive been away n not seen ur post till now. Have u considered working for free as a trial period to show them ure able n willing to work ur butt off. this will free them of wages for a time, they get toi know u n see u wanna work hard to learn n so u can do this job.

    that is how i got my job. 3 months free work where i worked my butt off. n i am hired.

    if u want more will i need a picture or a convosation with ya so i can get a feel for u.


  • hi charmedwitchbente, thanks a lot for responding to my request. this is so very kind of you . i am working on it but haven't found anyone yet who is ready to give me job without paying me. may be it has something to do with me ? i have been out of work for almost a decade and that doesn't really work in my favor sadly :(((( i can come to chat with you if that's fine ? please do let me know how is that possible ?

    love and blessings


  • find me on facebook RealBente Millek sweetie

  • thanks realbente! i have posted you a message on facebook !! hope to see you there !

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