Concerned about bed shaking

  • please help me to understand, every night when i go to bed, i lay on the bed and in about a minute i feel the bed actually shaking, i do not understand it depending on how i lie down, if i lie on my stomach my whole body feels as if it is vibrating for a few seconds, but what i do not understand is the bed shaking like if some person is there. Can you tell me what you feel it is and how to deal with it.

  • Has anyone else observed this and are you sure you are fully awake when it happens? Could it be attributed to outer phenomena, like a train/car passing by or rattling pipes etc? You could just be experiencing out of body astral projection. Do you feel like you are falling? Try putting a ring of sea salt around your bed for protection.

  • well what i could guess is your heart beat of the body can shake the bed. I one got paranoid of the same thing and later I thought of how the pulsation of our own body can go to bed which in return gives us back the vibration twofold. hope is just that

  • i thought as much, i just wanted to know if anyone else have experience it. thank you.

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