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  • Hi Captain,

    Lastly, I am seeing how things are happening around me, for the best of me. Every thing is making sense this summer and this is what I long have been waiting for. things are working out perfectly and just today I got a new lease and i am moving in the beginning of September with a roommate which it means there is the beginning of my divorce too. Its a lot to explain here but I am writing to you because this is a big change in my life. In the same time there is a constant fear of this change--which i accept. I know I will need time to process all this but i am happy for this new beginning. The only stress in the moment--which is big--is finding a job to support me and my son... I am applying every day and only doing this for about one week. I have finances to cover me for up to November. I fear what if I don't find a job until then ? I haven't been working for ever , and this is the time that i must-- I have no choice. I am trying to apply the affirmations and law of attraction too. DO you see me being able to find a job these couple of months ?? can you do a vibe reading ? Thank you so much and have a Great Day !!

  • By asking whether you will get a job, you are saying that you fear that the Universe is not looking out for you or that you don't feel worthy of care. And so you don't attract what you want. You have to break through your fears and not allow them to overwhelm or control you. You are the master of your own destiny. Tell yourself daily that "The perfect job is arriving now for me" or "I have enough abundance for all my needs and my son's". When you believe it, it will happen. Don't allow fear to keep undermining your life and happiness. All it takes is confidence that you are loved and cared for. You are still thinking like a victim if you give in to fear, when in fact you can manifest anything you want.

  • you are so right ! that is all am trying to do and fear gets in the way ! too hard : /

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