Would like a reading and will offer a reading back

  • I do not really trust doing a reading for myself anymore as I always pick up on other things that are related to another or see what it is I think.

    I have two concerns:

    I have recently gained information from some college students and have started an advocacy. I have proof for al I am saying on this board and have already posted some college documents and Facebook snapshots that were posted as public, messages with the identities blocked. I am not posting any legal documents from courts or police.

    Before this goes very public

    I am wondering, Am I ok with my blog advocacy as is with the documents I have posted?

    I started a job and was aiming to get a job fro the long run while working the job I had. I got hired at another job and put my fulltime employee notice in to only make my avail 6 shifts a week and started this new job which is not at all what it seemed. I have this terrible pain that goes down my leg from standing 9-10 hours and lifting.I was in very bad pain just after two days and am no longer employed as all now. I set out to get a better job and got one that leaded to pure unemployment.

    I started to narrow down and be very selective with what I applied for from the past two days. I have also signed up for a law enforcement exam and that is in about three months.

    I am seeking to ask for guidance about my best course of action to obtain a stable and financially secure job.

    thank you

  • Ariel, I drew an 11-card for you and will post in a day or so.

  • Ariel,

    As a reader yourself, I'm sure you'll also get answers from the cards I drew. Hope this helps.

    Inevitable change that you had no control over in present. There are several personalities here in your reading. I'm feeling that it's roles that you've had to assume/take on. Creativity and emotion. I really feel like you're overdue for an emotionally and economicaly rewarding job. I feel like you're going to be partnering-up with someone in the near future. New cycle beginning--10 of wands situation/tower crowning. I feel like you have a lot on your plate and you need to scale down. 8 of wands past/10 of wands situation. Better judgment needed. You submit your all to organizations. Remember that it's an organization and a lot have corruption. Cool emotions needed. I'm feeling that it's easy for you to get "screwed" . It's almost like you're a creative type in the wrong industry. Going against the system is going against yourself. It is what it is. There are 2-sides in your reading--lovers (two people), tower (two people), hierophant (two people submitting.) Ariel, I really see you as a creative-type partnering under the "organization." Partnering up can go either or way. Is there a woman who is helping you. I know you are searching for fufillment as much as security. I think in the future you'll have an opening. Rowing your own boat, your course of action is in your own hands (king of wands in foundation.)




    below--king of wands

    situation--10 of wands

    past--8 of wands

    challenges--queen of pentacles

    future--king of cups--some male figure may be distancing.

    blocks--page of cups

    friends--queen of cups--does an older couple figure into things for you



    Your reading is speaking of the police exam in advice.

  • That's really weird that you drew the queen of cups because she has come up now three times in my readings in celtic and job spreads.

    Clearly I have not met her yet if it is a person.

    Pope for police exam would be getting sound advice from a recruiter maybe or even doing a ride along.

    Thank you.

    Do you have a question?

  • What else I noticed is my other friend had a similar issue happen to her with work. We met each other at work and only have had a work or FB connection. I had been doing readings for her.

    I do not mean to be negative but I am seeking into the job market and there really is not job obtainable right now that would be rewarding but maybe I will be surprised. I am open to the possibility.

  • Ariel, I've already done 2 readings on my situation. If you'd like, my situation is similar to yours career and satisfaction--that's my question.

  • I asked what literal act you can act upon to get closer to a satisfying career.

    In a nutshell:

    Start being more conservative with giving away your energy.


  • Was that the hierophant and star

  • 4 of coins 🙂

  • That's almost scary as I view the 4 of coins as hangin onto what you have prob being too conservative. Perhaps building my own dream ?

  • I asked what should you act on now. The 4 of coins is what to do and that would be more con conservative with giving away your energy.

    I can do another reading about how and why. I do have a sense to what.

    I am not sure if you addressed my question:

    Am I safe to put up my blog as is now {which now is 8/16} explaining the evens and issues about off campus conduct in my own words} My words are truth and backed with evidences.

    Let me know if you want me to read farther in to your concern. 🙂

  • Ariel, I need to ask a few questions. What do you hope to gain or accomplish by doing so. You asked...am I safe. Are you seeking or thinking of seeking financial compensation. Are you thinking of a suit/legal suit/issue at law. What are you trying to expose.

    I would like to hear any sense that you got regarding my reading and not giving away energy.

    I pulled more cards for you ( 11 ). I feel that I need your input.

  • I now know other students have been abused by her. I want others to see and come forward. Maybe some one has info about their affair and will come forward. I want this issue to be exposed as it is actually a national topic of discussion. There would also be a chance of more exposer to legal representatives. For safety I mean legally safe. I spoke to an attorney and did remove the documents as they pose some risks and could end my ability to receive compensation. There is about 5 and a quarter more years I have with statute of limitations.

    I will now go ahead and read more into your concern.

  • Ariel,

    It's clear to me that someone has taken something from you--7 coins/5 coins/7 swords. I'm getting 2 again with options and choices. First, I wouldn't go anything alone and I'd consult with an attorney if you're seeking compensation. It feels like there's a tendency to go this alone. I'm getting an indication that you could be left alone if you go this alone--2 of wands future position/7 of swords/5 of swords outcome. 3 of coins in advice/3 of cups in friends is telling me to work within the confines of the situation. This is something that you can walk out of at any time--8 of swords in situation. You feel stuck and I don't feel like this is your true nature. Someone has silenced you, so you feel like you have to go around this person--am I reading this right--4 of swords crowning. Your path is challenged which is bringing back feelings of insecurity. Joining together in friends and working together. There is an opening like I mentioned before and I feel it's coming from some group. Follow legal advice and work in a group instead of going it alone--hope this makes sense.


    above--4 of swords

    present--5 of coins

    below--9 of cups

    situation--8 of swords

    past--7 of coins


    future--2 of wands

    blocks--7 of swords

    friends--3 of cups

    advice--3 of coins

    outcome--5 of swords--this is what you're fearing, I feel, if you'll be alone in all of this

  • Ariel, I dont feel you'll be alone if there's a joining together

  • I do not have anyone to join with me until I post the blog to get others to notice the issue. I cannot afford an attorney.

    The cards are saying for you that if you start to conserve your energy to more for yourself and omit so much energy/actions for others that are more 'fruitless' you will eventually come to realize what you can do with your abilities that will be more fruitful.

  • I have never had anyone love me. I have no one that loves me. I have no family. I have no real friends and I am single and not desired by any men. I will not have support as I have no one and nobody cares and no one cares about me. That is the truth. That is often why bad things happen to me because I am an easy target. I am alone, unloved and uncared for and it is the truth. I will die trying and I will expose Michele Reed. She took allot from me and is in acclaim. I have nothing to live for and only debt and agony. I will never have a husband or family and no one loves or cares about me and it is the truth.

  • I do hate myself for believing in justice. I am a fool for that.

  • Ariel, Are you talking about a class-action suit or petitiion, etc. I don't know enough about what you want to accomplish--fact finding to proceed etc.

  • Do you believe in a higher power. I do and will pray about this.

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