• Feels like god is withholding work from me

    I sm St s point where I sm going to go crazy

  • Hi

    Landing a job even a trainee place is a lottery. God aint got nothing to do with it.

    Loads plays in, ur resume, ur application, ur interview conduct, ur langauge, how u sit behave n so forth n so on.

    ask urself, do i want a job in my trained field or do i want a job trainee place in a hobby interest i hold dear to me heart?

    then go for it.

    not many days ago i saw n heard a danish politician who admitted, first of his kind, THAT we have had a financcial crisis that thus far has lasted 5 years and so far nothing had let up.

    THIS play in when people are hirering. to my knowledge is it nerve on edge boldness that gets u a job n or a trainee place.

    next i wanna ask u have u considered offering ur work for free for say a month so u n they can figure out whether this job is for u? that is often a way inside a job today.

    as far as crazy He*l yeah ive been there done that so yeah its nuts. until u land a trainee job oir a job occupy ur time with hobbies u neglect or u wanna do.

    From one who once was not in job or in a trainee situation to one who is there now, finding landing a job or n trainee job is a da*m fulltime job in itself.

    i hope u land one soon i really do.

    perhaps in a diff field than u seek?

    charmed wish u luck

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