How do you know when a psychic is authentic? or just trying to get money?

  • I went to see a new psychic today, Tressa. I have felt drawn to her for a while now, just like I was to the other psychic, Amelia in the beginning. I feel like I have gone as far as I can with Amelia. I wasn’t going to see anymore psychics… try looking to God for the answers… but I still feel blocked. I thought about it a long time, several weeks, before making this appoint with Tressa. I even canceled the first one I made because I wasn’t sure about her.

    She did confirm many of the things that Amelia told me. That my issues are not with money… they are with love, I have never had good luck in relationships… I am going to be on my career path in a year and a half in the medical field, but I need a spiritual cleansing to get there, because my current state is slowing my progress.

    She said that the man I love is making me sick… blocking my path… that he does love me, but wants to do things his way… and stay distant. She said that when he tries to come close, that I push him away… that I don’t trust him, or anyone. She says I will be with him for a while, but there will be another man come into my life that will feel good, like it should, and that I will "drop the other man like a hot potato" lol!… and that I will have a choice between them. She said I am a beautiful woman and that I can have any man I want, and I have to believe that.

    She said that there are 3 children (only have one now) in my life. I will have a son when I am ready, whose spirit has always been with me, and a grandchild. My Daughter is okay, a good person… that I did a good job raising her, and that she is trying to do things on her own, and doesn’t like to ask for help (like her ol' mama)… but she worries about money and does need a pep talk.

    She said that my Mom is sick, lacking energy, sleeps in the daytime because she can't sleep at night, but hides it from me… needs to have her cholesterol and blood pressure checked... she loves me and is here for me… she saw how I was the caretaker for Mom when I was young, but she finally grew up and is there for me now. She says that my Dad, and my Grandma are my guardian angels and my spirit guides. She also says that I had an inheritance from each of them that I did not receive. The families witheld it from me and they are both bothered about it. This is my maternal Grandmother, so two different instances of the inheritance. This threw me for a loop... not sure what to do or think about it. She also says that a woman at work who dyes her hair dark is jealous of me… that could only be my boss, and doesn't make much sense in my current job.

    In order to proceed, she wants to do 3 sessions with me for spiritual cleansing… 1) write down all my positives and negatives, 2) cleansing my former wedding bands, 3) something with 2 roses to read the relationship between me and the current man in my life. It will cost $120 per session, but she says we can make a trade for some seamstress work. She said she will not charge me for the next session. I told her I wanted to think about it all, and she agreed that it is my decision and she will not pressure me. She said that Amelia wasn't getting through the underlying issues with the candle work… that she wasn't strong enough. She even acknowledged that I had given her a fair amount of money for it.

    So, they both read similar things, and things that I have felt from the spirit… so where do I go from here? I still don’t have the clear answers that I am seeking. I know that I am spiritually gifted... and never quite learned to use my gifts to their fullest potential. I get blocked easily with everything that has happened in my the past few years since I became aware and accepted my gifts. I still don't trust myself to interpret things correctly. Everything that both of them read was in conjunction with what I understand about myself... yet I feel I always have to search for the answers, or confirmation, before I can really accept things.

    I guess my question is in regard to continue putting money out for this help. Is it possible to do these things on my own? I would appreciate any feedback or opinions that anyone has on this. I am also open to any insight anyone has on these readings.

    Love and blessings to all!

  • You must know that anyone psychic or not can get information about you just from your body language and your question. Most people start talking about their problems and expose enough information for anyone to predict or know things about your situation from reading you, human empathy, wisdom, experience and cause and effect. Some play with fear/love and often people are emotional, desperate and or emotional when they go to a psychic. Some psychics will draw of those vulnerabilities. There are of course some that do not. Yes it is very possible that you can do 'psychic' work on your own.

  • You do not need to 'cleanse' any of that stuff she talks about, that is allowing fear and paranoia get the better of you. What will happen to you and what you will do should be from your own discernment and judgment, not following a prediction from a 'confident' psychic. Your belief in her gets her confidence. I would not spend a dime on her.

  • Feeling blocked. What do you mean blocked? Feeling blocked could be lacking confidence and trust in yourself and thinking you need someone to take away something that is not really there in fact. Worrying about relationships will slow your progress down with a career. Practical talk therapy would reveal the causes of relationship problems. Part of it is also that you are making decisions and or putting yourself vulnerable to psychics which in turn exhibits your ability to maintain inner control and direct control over your life and your relationships.

  • "what your ability is" to maintain ....sorry typo.

  • The very fact you are posting here about the validity of a psychic answers your question and you already know the answer in your heart

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