Is This Accurate?

  • I've felt for awhile that someone in my life has a strong bias against me. I believe I have heard him making negative comments about me. But, he denies saying this stuff. And other people side with him. I'm a bit worried that maybe I'm wrong. People have accused me of being paranoid and really don't want to resolve anything. What do you think? I've tried to shake the feelings I get, and tell myself that I either heard things incorrectly or they weren't about me. But, I just get this feeling that things are not what they seem and that others have it backwards. Hope someone can provide more insight here. Thanks!

  • Hi

    WOW talk about a gang up n set up. Of course when confronted peeps wont admit truth bc they would get in hot water themselves.

    in my experience are u right on target and all i gotta say is his da*m loss. he is too petty to appreciate a grand lady such as urself. THose that side with him are no better.

    if u can distance urself from them all bc non of em are any good. stick to ur pals n those u know know u well. lifes too short 4 ashles !!!!

    dont ever deny ur given intuiton bc ur intuition n gut NEVER leads one astray. Again HIS n THEIR DA*M LOSS!!!!

    charmed on UR SIDE!!!!!

  • Thanks a lot, Charmed. I guess I've felt my gut was right all along, but needed reassurance. And life is too short for people like that.

  • yw dear n yes lives too short for ashles like that

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