To anyone its a psychic, medium that can help with doubts

  • Yes Charmed better safe than sorry 😞

  • Bloom its so reassuring to hear your words,.

    Most of the time I feel lost, its not fear of the gift itself but what it brings with it, people are energy suckers and they drain me a lot, before I got sick people would come to me demanding me to heal them or check what they have, but if my guides wouldn’t tell me to do it, I couldn’t and I believe that what truly holds me back on letting my gifts blossom is the fact that I don’t want to lie to any one, made them believe in some that it isn’t, this is what it kills me, I hate to delude someone and if this is the fear that its holding me back I don’t know on how to fight it, Im not more honest than anyone, but when it comes to matters of health Im not gonna pretend I know sum that I don’t.

    I feel the calling and I want to go, my soul misses the connection between the spiritual world and earth, but lately I was so hurt by a person that I trusted so much and have a lot of psychic abilities just because I chose not to agree with her on everything she was saying, I just couldn’t do it, did not felt right, and cuz of that she kind of banish me, made me feel like crap, saying that I was so dark that I couldn’t send any good energy to anyone or good thoughts, that hurt me a lot and on top it she said that I was surrounded by bad spirits. Well maybe she was right, but if she liked me the way she said she would warn me not set me aside, at least that is what I would do.

    To tell u the truth Bloom I know theres good and bad spirits and bad can deceive u a lot, been there and already fought a few of them with love not with anger and I got sicker and sicker cuz I was truly unhappy with my life in general, maybe they took advantage I don’t know, but I also know that I have good ones protecting me and by my side all the time, that I just need to believe in their love.

    So Bloom what can I do to protect myself, to find balance and have a strong boundary ritual, what do u advice me to do?

    Im very young regarding this, for many years I was able to shut it, but I come from a family that had all these abilities and none of them chose to use their gifts. And in here in my island people are not so open to this things and I don’t know where or who to turn to.

    I contacted a Reiki therapist and I felt a good vibe and connection, I truly believe that she will help me a lot, from what I heard she can tell us our purpose in this life. Oh and instead of payment its called donation,,lol

    So Im hoping that I will find some balance, but no one in my fam. supports me most of the times they make fun and outsiders just want me to reinsure them that their lives will go the way they want, that’s why I don’t do readings, we need to accept what the Universe have for us or the advices to become better persons and btw u helped me a lot a while ago, thank you and many blessings for you too.

  • There is a saying--hate the message---kill the messenger. It is based on a truth. You can not please everyone and you can not fix everyone. That's the burden of being a healer. If you open your door to everyone you will require more backbone and must have a place in your life for feeding yourself energy----joy gathering. I choose not to do readings as a business but instead I am a servant to spirit without a sign on the door. I avoid ego based intentions and a lot of times no I will not get validation that what just came out of my mouth to a stranger really had impact. I just trust spirit does not lie and there's a reason. Religion is a matter of FAITH. Being a spiritualist is religion not magic---although there is magic when you are in the flow but mostly it's a silent joy. I protect myself by NOT trying to BE understood by family or others I know can not believe in MY religion. In fact it's a waste of energy to ever argue politics or religion with the intention to convert or be validated. I have had offers to read for money but choose not to for some of the same reasons you express. I know myself and reality is I do not have that kind of energy and too many other responsibilities and another vocation that takes a lot of focus. I would be open to who ever walked into my door. Of course I could pray please only bring those who will not wast my energy but spirit surely would tell me--self reliance requires I must grow to accommodate my choice. We do not learn from easy things--we learn from conquering challenges. As is I can choose when and where I can give although spirit mostly runs the show. I can look through the posts and MY brain can desire to answer so many posts----an em-path wants to help everyone. You just can't without risking giving too much or letting in others energy. You have to know yourself well enough to recognize when you need a break or when you are having other peoples symptoms. My dreams usually guide me with that----I will dream of others problems--as if it was not my dream--then it's time to separate from that person for awhile.There is intuition and spirit message. I may get intuitions but that does not mean they are meant to be heard--I let spirit decide. It does take practice and self confidence--because often what spirit says makes no sense to us when we let our brain censor or our ego in fear does not want to be embarrassed. I feel you are still struggling with trusting what you hear versus what you feel. And you absorb others and confuse their state of being with yours. And you want more validation--but honestly --serving God is often a silent knowing and even though you may not charge money abundance will come in other ways. I would have a hard time charging a stranger for a reading I already intuitively knew would be useless. I am more attracted to those who are at a tipping point and most likely ready for a leap up. Because it is my intention to conserve energy--intention very much determines what comes to you. Always check in with your bottom line intention. If my intention is to use my gift yet it's important to conserve my energy as my life is very full than that is why I'm not choosing reading as a business. To do this as a business would require more free time for myself to rest and recoup. I do not have that right now. Em paths can have issues of too much heart not enough head. You can't be led by feelings alone. You must ground yourself with some equal reality. Reality says don't waste your time beating a dead horse--trying to be accepted by those who will never understand your gift. What is that core intention? It's ego based. A good psychic is always checking in on their ego. Ego clouds clarity and no one is immune to their ego based intentions it is an everyday habit like brushing your teeth. Balance does not come from outside you---do not look so much outside but connect inside head and heart and spirit. Also--trust that prayers are answered and answers come to you---often through "Angels unawares"!! I have often prayed for guidance--mulled over a worry only to have a complete stranger say exactly what I needed to hear!! There are lots of servants out there who just are good messengers. Spirit says you try too hard. And the balance you seek is the male energy. Yin and Yang. You have plenty of female energy but need to muscle up your male energy--not outside but inside YOU. Saint Michael can help you with that---he will hear your prayer and you are worthy to ask him each morning to help you each day with your goal. BLESSINGS!!

  • and!


  • I tend to trust and give myself a lot to the persons I love most, I seek acceptance from my family just to feel that they don’t consider me crazy, but to tell u the truth it doesn’t matter anymore, they know that some things in their lives I predicted to them before, it happened, like my cousin having problems to give birth, that the child would be a boy, and how the day she asked to talk with me in private my guide told me u r the one shes going to choose for a godmother, I love to help for free, I don’t want to ask for money, especially because I don’t have time or the energy and I want to serve God the best I can, but it really drains us, I know because one spirit or several I have no clue talked thru me for some friends of mine, as they say the info was very important to them, even said things I didn’t know, in that night at my house the energy in there was filled with love and respect and maybe that’s why they came, I was surrounded by good friends that needed help to live their lives better and I was the vessel for their questions and fears that were hidden, they say my eyes were wide open all the time and I cried but to tell u the truth I remember what I said to 2 of them but the rest I don’t.

    Until now I don’t know what happened, I don’t get to choose who I need to help or to send a message I just notice that when persons leave me they start thinking differently and happier all I do is listen, smile and give them hope. Its funny how everyone that crosses my life their lives become better in some way.

    And you are right I have a problem thrusting in what they say, because not a long time ago they lied to me, to make me fulfill my destiny or what they think its my purpose, but instead of forgive them I shut myself and I was so angry, I said: “ I could have taken the truth better than the lie and I wont listen to you anymore” and theres another thing when do I know its not my ego is talking with me, cuz its weird its my voice that I hear in my head, the tone and words are different from spirit to spirit, one time one came in, Oh God I was so scared, and he said you are not ready for my true me, but I wish you no harm.

    So maybe this anxiety that took over me the last months was a way of my body saying stop, you need a break, Bloom I was so exhausted mentally and hurt because my doc found out a bunch of bad things in my body and I couldn’t cope with that, but now I have a different approach, some of this diseases were cuz I wasn’t able to say no, to defend myself, in the end sometimes I just wanted to die, but I wont cuz they already said that Im gonna die from old age, the only thing they kept asking me was to stop smoking and cuz of this anxiety disease I did,, weird how they do things.

    I cant run or hide, every ten years or more they make sure that I have a huge crisis in my life so they can approach me again, I never lost my intuition, premonitory dreams, but this last time was like a earthquake or hurricane struck my life, I started hearing them, feeling them, waken by them with messages that were true, warnings and then I started feeling others diseases, then started to have visions of persons that I don’t know, This sound so insane, my rational side says stop this is your head creating all this, but then Im proved wrong . I tried to shield my heart in the end I started having a stone in his place, I stopped being passionate about life, lost a lot of hopes even blamed God about all, now I realize I do have a purpose to serve, its my soul lesson. I just need to learn on how I can live with this, have my energy back, preventing myself from getting sick and like u said find my balance.

    I totally agree that the most important messages come from strangers.

    Thank u Bloom for ur lovely cards and your insight it feels so good to finally talk with someone that takes her time to explain to a totally stranger a bit about spirit world. U have a huge heart and soul, may the Angels and God give u many blessings, btw don’t forget to gardening you will recover some of your energy too thru it.

  • Hi Mariapicses,

    I missed your thread for a bit, asking for money is ok if it is not the reason you are doing something. You should do something to help someone in need not because you need money. If you need something, a situation will be shown to you to solve your material needs. They will only provide what you need, not what you think you need.

    If you tune in to the universe of serving fellow men for the better of all then the universe will ensure you have the tools you need to complete the tasks, be it money, time, people or opportunity. The trick is seeing the opportunity for what it is and not being too materialistic. Concentrating on the material world only actually weighs your spirit down and stops you developing further.

    I have found once you stop worrying about it it sorts itself out anyway

    Love PP

  • Sorry PP been away from the forum, thanks for your input.

    I was really just curious about, cuz all my life I heard its not good to ask for money or have your services paid if u r a medium or whatever and on these days we see a lot of persons get paid or being offered money, in some cases I agree they do cuz sometimes they have to pay the place they practice.

    I only try to help if I feel I have to, but I’ve never asked for anything in return and besides I don’t like the exposure, the Universe wants me to accept my path that is helping others and exposing myself and so far I don’t know what this means and Im reluctant on doing it, but I also know if I don’t do it or try to understand it, my life will become harder and its like u say the trick is seeing the opportunity.


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