To anyone its a psychic, medium that can help with doubts

  • Okay, Im having a lot of doubts concerning psychic abilities and their use, so my question to anyone that want to give his or her input is:

    When someone has this type of gifts can they charge other persons for readings or whatever? Or must this be a free a thing?

    Or persons that charged for their readings need to give away free ones so they can clean their karma?

    I don’t know in what to believe anymore and this is the perfect site to ask these questions, I personally don’t want to make a living of it, I like to help when the guides/spirits think I should do it, and to tell you guys the truth I already paid a lot of money to persons that in the beginning they sounded correct but after a while you notice that they are trying to make you stay on line to take your money and the energy they picked up in the beginning is not there anymore and you are paying to listen to a bunch of crap.

    Lately I heard from persons that don’t charge money or anything that are channelers or mediums and that the connection with the spirits its not something you can do all the time, you need to have a exact time to do it, its not like being on the phone with someone and they are the ones that “call you”, not the other way around, because spirits are busy too with their own things, and when we channel a spirit most of times we are and can be channeling spirits that are inferior or someone that just want attention or have fun, what are your inputs about this?

    All this years I ve been thru a lot of religions and the connection I have found between all of them was the love of God, ones believe in karma and reincarnation, the others don’t, all this time I tried to figure out what was going on with me, what was I missing in my life, been to a lot of docs, been tested and nothing showed up, so I guess my connection is real, not just something coming out from my fertile imagination, but I cannot channel them when I want, they are the ones that channel me, when Im happy or when I have a few drinks they use me as a portal to sent others messages, some of them I don’t even know what I said, images popped in my mind or they say what is going to happen prior it does, I heard all my life that theres no one that can predict the future, that is not written yet, that our free will play a huge part on it, I agree until a certain point but disagree in some cuz I had a prediction bout my future and I fought so hard not to happen and it did, so what should we believe?

    Someone that calls herself a medium and used to be a friend of mine, she said I had all the qualities to be a good medium and become a healer too, I liked her a lot but since I got sick I stopped going to the meetings cuz I left there feeling more tired and in pain than when I got there, my body and mind were claiming for rest, so cuz of all that, stress took over my body, so I asked the guides to leave me alone and let me heal, so Im on meds now, one time I was feeling real bad and went to the meetings and ask her to see what it was wrong with me, if there was something more that the doc couldn’t see, she said that dark energies were surrounding me, 3 dark spirits were feeding on my energy and that I was only sending bad energies and she was avoiding me, because I had a dark soul, the only thing I knew and felt was a lack of energy, dizziness, pain and at a point desperation for not knowing what I had, but I never wished anyone harm, when she said that it hurt me a lot especially cuz she said now you are clean I removed the spirits and I do like you. Isn’t supposed someone that tells us I like you to help us in the first place? I do know for a fact that she have a gift, but I think shes loosing it and she wanted me around her to help her and I didn’t, I don’t know how to protect myself from bad energies, I have this need to help everybody if I can and I forgot to take care of myself first.

    Sorry guys for the long text, but I don’t know if anyone identifies with me on these things I have so many doubts, and because of this supposed friend of mine I do not know in what to believe anymore, I do know that God and my guardian angel exists and I do believe that everything we do comes back to us, but how will I heal, feel happy again and at peace with my guides if I don’t know if I can trust them anymore or on what to trust?

    Thanks for listening

  • Hiya

    Ok first things first. In my book has many who charges for their reads SOLD OUT and are basically either complete frauds, wannabe hoaxes and has nada in their bucket than a pile of duck doo. Some, n that is VERY VEERRYYYY few ones are legit. I never go to such places bc i am not rich and such a session would wipe me clean in no time and it wont sustain for even a week. i´d b worse poor than ever b4.

    ive been in chatrooms where ive been read for free and where i have read others only to be discriminated and treated like pomscuam upon dirt. all them showed to be wannabe hoaxes n frauds. major frauds. other places too many cooks n mayhem nothing but fights.

    so i´d not seek such out at all.

    as for psychic gatherings i dunno much about, i reckon the ones ive gone too ive been highly protected. as for u get drained n in pain tells me ure an empath as well. u soak up all elses pains aches issues troubles n so forth n so on.

    it also tells me u aint keen on crowds either am i right?

    my advice is, stick to this site n if u wanna read help people set up criterias such as how many when and where, u offer ur criterias ur rules. those that asks u do not have a say. ure the reader ur set the rules n criterias, take it from one who has helped many a newbie out n has been overfloodded herself more than 50 times.

    Lastly u can trust ur guardian angel / angels. they are there 4 a reason. Often they are ancestors from ur various family line, often in a direct line.

    I think whenever someone needs ur help light a white candle. it will protect u as the reader helper and the one you help as well as it will b safe for ur angels ur spirits helpers that aids you. for startes i´d suggest 7 white candles in a circle either for u n the one u wanna help to sit inside or to face across one another. if the one u wanna help aint in the room i strongly suggest u make the circle large for u to sit inside it with what tool u use, i see u use cards either tarot or oracle cards.

    if this aint ur tool then consider if it aint the tool u need to use at this time.

    if u need anything else, ask away.


  • cwb is correct in saying you are probably an empathy. what helps me is I carry crystals (clear ones) where ever I go especially at my work. when they crack which mine always do bury them in the ground to cleanse them. learn how to put up mental shields to block as I call it the noise in your head 🙂 I know that the emotions of certain people are very strong & can leave residue which can be hard to cleanse. I use a eucalyptus based oil at night to cleanse and protect & it has an added benefit that it relieves pain & clears my sinuses.

  • Thanks Charmed, yep there are a lot of frauds, its sad how many take advantage of others probs as a way to make money, I would never do that, when I feel I need to help I help for free, but I dont do it often, most of the times Im right but I already made mistakes, said things that were wrong, free will plays a huge role, this week I can tell you that u will find the luv of ur life, but if u decide to stay home u wont, right? thats free will. One time I read to me and I went against all that was showing, cuz it was the best to do, but I wasnt lucky, in the end I ended more hurt and feeling worst. I have a friend that tells me all the time u r a fixer, a giver, think and say more often NO and I treasure so much the ones I love and now I can say Im fill with guilt and disappointment, the last 2 years people have hurt me a lot, now I know that part of my disease is from this guilt I carry, Im sad and tired all the time Im considering to do reiki. But Charm it is possible for us to channel bad spirits instead of the good ones? Its cuz when I started to feel sick I remember that I was so scared when a lil child (spirit) spoke with me saying she wanted me as her mother and my tv went nuts, I had to pull out the cord to unplug it, and two weeks after I almost died in car accident, I go to docs and nothing shows up, Im diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks, but what does make me feel like crap its the burning sensation on my left side, its like im on fire and the pain on the same side too, its so weird I never heard of anyone having that burn sensation. What I did in these last two months I closed myself, I asked my angels, God to let me be, to heal first, then if I do need to follow this path I will.

    Since a child I can listen to spirits even feel them, at 14 I dont know what I did but I was able to shut down the connection, but I always had premonitory dreams or dejavus that sum would happen, I could always tell in first hand if sum1 was going to hurt me, then at 35 Jesus all came back so strong that I thought I was going crazy, even my radio would play late at night waking all house, then I started going to this meetings and things started calming down, I was finally getting sum peace of mind, but I bought a pendulum and started using it and he would just write word by word to speak with me, but all kind of spirits would come thru it, even when I asked for protection, you are right I do read, mainly for friends have been using tarot cards for years, but I stopped too, I didnt needed the cards anymore to know what they had to say and that scared me a bit, I dont know what Im attracting and I do need to know what the heck is around me and what God wants from me, I know I have a strong protector a guide or an angel I dont know, but it feels like its my granma, but for gods sake whatever it is its getting so tired of me like I am, ahahah

    I dont like crowds, again u hit the point, I hate talking to crowds, I stopped going to the meetings cuz like I said I could see & feel others diseases, but when someone turns 2 u asking do I still have it and u dont know, Im not going to lie, I just said I cant see it and this lady healer wanted me to say what she said that they were healed, I cant do that if God is not showing it to me, sometimes I did, sometimes I would see that persons death, that its too much to deal with Charmed.

    Thanks for the advice and for taking your time to talk with me, I really appreciate your help.

  • Hi Shadowmist, thanks, I use a diaper pin inside my clothes, it was a tip from a good friend and she also said to wash my house floors with sea salt once a month or put a glass of water with 1 spoon of salt behind the entrance doors to keep the bad energies outside. I dunno what more to do, sometimes I think Im going nuts, Im pretty mystic too, I also have crystals too I have them in a dish in the living room but I need to clean them, u know the envy eye? one time a supposed friend came over and he broke but I didnt bury him, I carry one in my house keys it was scary and unexpected cuz he dindt fall on the floor. Im drained of energy, I try to create that bubble, I ask my guardians for protection and to help me go thru my day of work, sometimes its so hard going to work and have to deal with pain and anxiety attacks cuz of the pain. And as we know to deal with others bad energies, we all are energy and thoughts, so the best we can do is to send good thoughts to whoever wishes us or did us harm and let it go and just in case create the bubble. Thanks again.

  • maria u need to do a cleansing of ur home. Burn sage and white candles as often as u can n say:

    little spirit child

    at this time in time

    i cannot be your mom

    i know u seek n seek

    please angel spirit

    find a woman who

    is ready for a child

    as an angel as you

    for this time please

    move on

    wish you the best

    and kindly hurt me

    no more

    try this for 7 days in evenings around sundown. if this doesn´t help the ghost spirit let me know.


  • Thanks charmed yesterday I started a lot of cleansings, and cuz of that I´ve been feeling better, but I will do yours just need to by candles, how many do I need and do they need to burn all the way?


  • Hi again, I think that this child didnt meant me wrong but she tried to get me as her mom, cuz I almost had a stroke, Im not kidding... but didnt I guess it wasnt my time yet.

    Anyways sorry to ask u this, but I dont feel the child as the child if u know what I mean, instead all this 3 months after that episode I´ve been feeling tired like drained, like someone or something were feeding on my vital energy, the thing is I closed myself, dont want to hear spirits or mess with my tarot cards every time they try I pretend I dont listen, Im to tired, dont have the energy for it. And cuz of that supposed stroke I started suffering from panic attacks with high anxiety levels Im medicated but also with lots of physical pains that no doc knows what it is, now its an ear infection, lets see what comes next, lol. Even medicated with no stress sometimes I cant sleep and my dream was so weird I dreamed that I died while having a baby and I could see my spirit talking with an angel saying it wasnt time, maybe cuz yesterday I started the cleansing, Oh well I didnt needed my pill today and my pains are lighter, maybe its working, what do u think this is, Am I really sick or just insane, lol. The weird thing Charmed its every 10 or 15 years I start listening to spirits then I get sick and they go away, I better stay off the mediumship thing if I want to have some peace of mind. Thanks and blessings.

  • always light a white candle when u help others as a reader medium psychic, that way u protect urself n spirits who aids you.

    candles i´d say 7 lighted in circle while u burn sage and wave it in every room. 7 days in row that oughta do it.

    if ANY one else is more used to cleansing burning sage PLEASE help me help maria. thank you

  • Usually I wash everything floors windows countertops then I put sage if it is loose in a small cast iron skillet and burn it I open the windows to my home and I do each room making sure to get the closets & corners then I lite a candle for 1/2 an hour in each room. it is either flower scented or ocean scents sometimes both. I also make sure no one is home when I do this and I thank the goddess & the lord for my many blessing.

  • Thanks guys I will burn some sage and pray for the lost souls to go away in peace, I also schedulled a reiki appointmenent I need to realign myself again, a lot of my energy went to the wrong persons and feelings, so now its time to heal and refocus myself again to finaly find my purpose on this life. Thanks for your support again. May God bless you.

  • yw sweetie!

  • Maria just logged on to ths site due to a long break . Read ur post and thought it was interesting, as the others have said, I think you are an empathy but whatr you are experiencing sounds like a you are around someone who is a psychic vampire. Thus ur energy is being drained. I had a friend like that and I had to stop hanging around with her cause it was just too much on my body. Maybe it was when you would attend those meetings. I would recommend that you buy a candle that they sell in the catholic church and put a picture of yourself when you were very happy and healthy under the candle and burn the candle and say a prayer for guidance and protection. u will see your health and spiritual well being improve as the candle burns. Good luck

  • If certain people drain you, ask you gatekeeper to protect you from them. If you are not meant to be around them they will be taken from your sphere of influence.

    Draining you energy is just that, draining, however if you give your energy freely, the spirits will channel more to you and you will actually be invigorated ultimately.

    In your earlier feed you said about charging for the services, if this is meant to be it will happen, however you need to give freely and karmically you will be rewarded infinitely more. Your self worth and esteem will be increased and your ability to help others will increase also.

    Scientists have been looking for free energy for years but have not tapped the power of the spirit. Everyone on this plane of existence can tap into the higher planes and improve everyone they come in contact with. We have a simple term for this but it encapsulates so much: Love, it opens your heart to all possibilities and allows you to attract the positive energies you need in life and only then will the materialistic needs of this plane then resolved for you without effort on your part.

    Do not get bogged down in the negatives give love freely and learn to love yourself and the fantastic chances to learn whilst visiting this fantastic school of life.

  • Hello mariapieses,

    I'm a card reader and have developed clairavoyance.

    My best friend just ask me a couple of weeks ago, How can you tell if a psychic is telling you the truth?

    I told her that what they say to you will resonate to you and you can answer Yes to what they are saying to you. If you keep feeling that the answer is No than I would say that this reader is not connected to you and you can stop the reading and tell them that you feel they are not connected to you. I have stopped readings (not to many times) myself when a client tells me No three times in a row . I know I am not connected to them for whatever reasons.

    You need not depend on a medium or psychic to constantly give you direction as you are quite capable of making your own song of life and being your own conductor. I believe you are capable of healing yourself and becoming a very good reiki healer, you may want to work with animals as I see a horse with you , simply meaning that you could become an animal healer .

    I wish you the very best my dear and I hear the name of Jerry around you and this person will be delightful to know and will share common interests with you, becoming a good friend, you are getting ready to move house it feels like to me if you have not already. The place feels a bit smaller yet lighter in color and some yellow on the walls in the kitchen is making this a happy room to walk into. You may think about a roommate in the future one in which will be independent and strong and help show you the way to become more of your own person and still know how to have a loving heart.

    Blessings to you,


  • Hi Charmed never burned the sage because mine dried and died, so I needed to find a place that had it, finally did, now just waiting for the sage to dry, but to be honest I dont feel bad spirits around and as the days go by Im feeling much stronger, but anyway I will do a cleasing.

    LivingaDream thanks for stopping by, its always good to have different thoughts, Yes I do have the feeling that someone were sucking my energy and since I cut out with the meetings Im starting to recover, the problem I believe is my partner he is so negative, especially now that his father is ill and Im still not 100%, but I will get there, thank u for suggestion, In our churchs we dont have those candles, I assume you are talking about the small ones, or its the 7 day candle? Any case I think a regular one will do the purpose as long as I have faith, right?

    Thank u.

  • Hi PiscesPiggy,

    I was wondering if its right to ask for money, if this isnt just a way of making money for some, wouldnt this cause bad karma, attract bad energies?

    I always give my energy for free, I believe that if Im meant to help someone I should do it without expecting any payment for it but its always nice to receive a thank u, Ive been drained its true, but Im getting stronger too, the other day I was able to heal myself thru my energy, and ask God and my guardian angel to give me the pains of an older woman so she could have a good night of rest and they did, I couldnt sleep, or breathe correctly but she had a good night of sleep and her pains start to go away, so Im happy that I helped her without expecting nothing in return cus she doesnt know I did this. So it was my love for her that allowed this to happen. But Yes I do need to know how to clean myself after or while doing it or restore my energy, cuz I need it too, lol. I believe more than ever that we are all energy and we reap what we send, if you plant love you will receive love and thats on what I've been working harder.

    Thanks for your thoughts

  • Hi Shuabby, so nice to hear from you.

    My prob. Is that Im so confused, cuz for many times my abilities showed up, but I was able to shut them of, but I constantly had this need to know more and was constantly attracted to tarot cards and everything it was mystic, but I don’t have any explication for what happened to me; I always have listen to spirits, saw some, weird things would happen around me, premonitory dreams, I could even know what the answer was to a question before the tarot cards would tell me and all would happen just like I said, I even have helped lost souls to find their way to the light, I even found my way several times after being lost, a voice would tell me where to go, I was saved 3 times form car accidents cuz I received the info before it, I have foreseen the future of some persons even their time of death, but the abilities aren’t just mine, you know they belong to God or my guides or the person guides, and they will tell me or show it to me if they think its right, its not when I want, that’s the weird part, Im not afraid but I dont want to mislead anyone, or worst have worship followers Im not God and don’t pretend to be one.

    To tell you the truth I don’t know what Im suppose to do, I know I have a mission, but what mission is that?

    The prob. With people is that they take literally and make their one lives based on what a tarot reader says, but they forgot one simply thing they have free will and we cant interfere on that, if u tell me I will go right I can choose to go left and that will change the prediction a little or make it take more time to come true, right? And like u say sometimes the connection isn’t there and I don’t waste any more of my times with persons that constantly want to know the same thing expecting the answer that they want, it drains us, especially when we love them.

    A horse? Really? I don’t like horses, I don’t get along with them, one even tried to bite me once, I do respect all kinds of animals and I have 2 big dogs and 10 cats, I just love cats and yesterday a baby one showed up on my house and its weird a dead yellow cat was shown to me walking around in my housea month ago.

    Its weird Shuabby this is the third time u tell me that a guy will show up in my life and I will move houses and its funny, yesterday a voice told me its time to leave this house, and I said hell no I worked to much to have it and my house have kinda yellow walls in the kitchen too, but Im already with someone and I want this to work, Im tired of being thrown the wrong arrows, but sometimes I do think I need a stronger person by my side and I still miss someone it was like that. Oh well life goes on, past is the past, and Im trying to make my best to be happy and to not hurt anyone, just need to find a way to protect myself from bad energies or life suckers.

    Many blessings my dear, u r a wonderful soul.

  • better safe than sorry no?

  • mariapisces

    fear is your nemesis. your gift cannot be ignored and will manifest in uncomfortable ways. When we are not true to ourselves we have symptoms. You are an em-path and that will never change. If you turn off completely then you ALSO turn off your connection to divine guidance. You lose intuition and that is a safety issue so yes your body will manifest vulnerability by producing fear based adrenaline which in prolonged amounts drains the adrenals and causes immune system breakdowns---you get sick. You need to work towards balance and boundaries so you can be open enough to receive valuable insight yet have a strong boundary ritual in everyday life that sends out the energy that keeps you safe from unwanted garbage of others toxic situations. Every em-path and psychic deals with this----it's the nature of the gift. Fear always clouds clarity which is why when folks are most in turmoil they seek outside help. Even the best psychic loses power and clarity under fear. Some folks then lose trust in their gift when it is not the gift in question but their state of energy. Fear holds you back. In my early days I had a trusted psychic for ten years

    the visits were never more than twice a year--a good mentor guides you towards self reliance and will give you all you need for usually a years forecast and often many years ahead will be included. I did pay her. She was a reverend at a spiritual camp and she was always booked up. The good ones usually are.Stay away from extra charges for cleansing or healing

    a good psychic will leave you feeling healed and better every time you visit----spirit only gives readings meant to heal---even the tough messages spirit will deliver in a healing way. Being fearful invites predators and sharks--fear is like leaking blood into the cosmic pool around you. When my psychic past away I tried some new ones but never felt that connection and really it was just spirit pushing me towards self reliance and it was time to put knowledge to work and develop my gifts---it was not a comfortable place or easy but it passes. Own your power. Accept who you really are. Trust yourself. BLESSINGS!

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