Soul mate or kindred spirit

  • So, there is this person that I feel I know on a deep level. We seem to be in sync with the things that we write about, regarding our emotions and the vocabulary that we use. Lots of synchronicities. We have not met, but when I see photos of him, I feel very warm in my third eye and my heart chakra. It's as if I'm melting into a state of bliss, like I recognise him from another life or perhaps we are intimates in another dimension. It is very, very strong. I'm just wondering what this means...the pull I feel is very strong, and I feel immeasurable unconditional love when I look at his eyes. He has a family of his own and lives in another country, so I do not wish to intrude upon his life, I only am wondering why I am feeling these things...and if this means that maybe we are soul mates or kindreds...thanks for any opinions and ideas!

  • Hi

    You and this guy have a stroing karmic connection. a connection of past lives that goes back in time. Only you can discover how far back it goes and in what ways.

    i could do it for u but past life readings are an energydrainer. i´d only get glimbses. Best way is for u to dig into ur own memiory of past.

    how do one start i wager u will ask me, well ill reply as one reader once did me. All the areas in history that holds ur interest, that intrigues u, that drawns u on, the areas that makes u study that history is HIGH LIKELY u had a past life in that time. with him as well.

    Ive got that feeling too see his eyes n know him i love like ive never love anyone else how is that? i dug into my past lives history that intrigued me n BAM similarities started to splur out, slamming me on my butt.

    anyhews that is one way to figure it out, another is if u have the money to get a hypsnosis transgression session that will send u back to ur past lives.

    another to seek someone who can read ur past lives for u.

    best of luck dear


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