Lost earring..

  • Cannot replace, huge sentimental value too.. Worn 3 weeks ago. One is the dresser and the other is missing. Any feelings as what happened or where is it. I have looked all over the room. I don't think I will find it 😞

  • Help? Any psychic visions or ....

  • just experience here...I have found earrings just under the front edge of the dresser in the carpet....also behind the dresser. I have even caught one on a piece of clothing I had taken off and hung up.

  • Thank you patchlove. All good things and places to check but no or not yet. I "thought" maybe it had dropped in the top drawer in the beginning. Then I thought maybe it had fallen accidentally in the waste basket (quite a bit further) when I took it off and if that is the case then I already emptied it last wk unaware of the missing earring. I even checked the carpet fringe. I hope it pops up still. It is impossible to replace it. Sigh.

  • ZNL

    I feel that the earring may be either behind the drawer , pull the drawer out , or it is wrapped up in a piece of clothing in the drawer.


  • Thank you Shuabby for this. I did pull out and looked behind and under. I also tried once again to feel the items and such but no luck yet. Found a favorite other thing though. Ok, where is Saint Anthony now...

  • lol...well..at least all is not lost!

    I have many lonely earrings without a mate..lol. Favorite ones too!

    But my friends...I try my best to keep track of them!


  • I know. I have many onesies too patch love but this pair is very special to me and very old. I know, we lose people but when I lost this I kind of thought I lost more than the thing/earring.

    Ok, still hoping. Pray pls.

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