Watergirl,blmoon,thecaptain-i need your inputs, please help if you can !

  • hello my dear ones , can you please solve these mystery for me regarding these two men - A (who is long lost friend i was very close to) and a good rich man who is about to enter my life very soon. everyone is picking up a twinsoul connection and that i should marry this person when he is in my life. also i keep getting that a person i was very close to will enter my life again and it will be a long lasting bond. can you please read how these two men will enter my life and what destiny will they fulfil with me ? who is marriage material/twinsoul connection between the two and whom i should be focussed on more for emotional fulfilment and why?especially now i don't want to make foolish decisions again in terms of men in my life.

    your help would be tremendously helpful my dear friends !!

    thank you so much for reading me !!

  • What are the qualities you prize most in a life partner?

  • hey captain, thanks for writing.i believe partners should have respect for each other and they should be supportive of each others life path. this is something i value when in a relationship.

  • We psychics cannot read other people unless we are in contact with them or have someothing of theirs to tune into, like a photo or birthdate. It's down to you then. So meet up with both men and decide who fits the bill for you. You cannot know until you are with them in person if they have changed or not from the people they used to be. Go into the meetings with no preconceived notions of what may have been predicted - use your gut feelings, not your head or heart - to guide you. Maybe you could have certain questions prepared for them beforehand to sort out who would suit you. But also bear in mind - it could be neither and there may be someone else more compatible just waiting further on. Be objective in your assessments.

  • oh i have pictures but i cannot post them here on the forum. can i email you the pics if that's fine ? i really want to have some insight atleast about these men . i don't know what to expect from them. i have no previous experience with men in my life except for one that turned out to be fatal at one point. please help .

  • But you knew them once, didn't you?

  • i have seen one of them, that too online. i haven't met either of them in person ever before. but i have seen A online and have known him for years as a good friend. i would really appreciate if you can give me some clues about this twinsoul . who is it ? my own readings tell me that i have known him in the past . i have only known A in the past and no body else.

  • i started picking on this person in my meditations and started receiving a lot of information regarding meeting this twinsoul . i have a fair understanding of how i am going to meet them . but i am picking on other people as well who will be helpful when i am starting my career and being on my own. this is the reason i am confused because i wouldn't know who is who . i know i have to meet A as well in person but is he the one i have been searching for after those profound experiences in my meditations ? any clues would be very helpful.

  • You are putting too much pressure and expectations on yourself and these men. Stop thinking about whether they are your twinsoul or not. See first if you could be friends with either of them. Don't let finding a twinsoul be the be-all and end-all of your life. Relax and just have fun. Life will still go on if you don't find your twinsoul.

  • i am picking on someone in my own meditations for last one year or so . i see glimpses of this person and this is the reason i am asking here. i know life will go on even if i don't find my twinsoul. i didn't even know what a twinsoul is when i got some tarot readings and people mentioned that i have a reunion with my twin. i can live without men in my life. i don't know how to put in across . i think i posted because i have gotten tons of information myself through my meditations and it is getting difficult to link so many pieces of this puzzle together and make sense. it is not really about twinsoul. i wrote it down so someone could better connect to the person i am having these glimpses of .

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