Pisces female madly in love with Aquarius male

  • I was in a relationship with someone for 14 years while married (still am but my husband & I are more or roommates than spouses - for years). My lover & separated for 1 year and just as he got into another relationship (not sure if it's g/f or married to her -I get mixed feelings on this one), we found each other again and are back together (while he is still with this other woman & me in my forever unhappy marriage). We have strong feelings for each other as well as strong connection. He tells me & shows me how much he loves me & would rather be with me but has committed himself to this other woman. We live in different cities & therefore having a long distance relationship is not easy. We spoke on the phone & get intimate a few times a day. His other woman knows that there is someone else in his life, caught him on the phone being intimate with him & saw other proof & signs as well but seems like it doesn't bother her. When they come to my city, he tries very hard to come see me even if it's just for an hour or so. This happens usually every 2 weeks to a month.

    Is there a future for my lover & I? Would we walk away from the "others" & start a new, happy life together? If this is to happen, how soon would it be? I am so much in love him that it feels like it will drive me insane.

    My dob: March 1, 1963

    My lover: Feb 16, 1956

    husband: Nov. 15,1945

    Other woman: don't know.

    Could someone PLEASE do a reading & advise on my situation? I will totally appreciate it.

  • To all the psychics out there, please help out with this one or refer me for a free reading. I desperately need your help. Thank you & God Bless

  • It doesn't take a psychic to tell you that what you're involved in cannot lead to anywhere good or harmonious. You must be honest and able to look in the mirror everyday and like what you see. If you are able to do that now you need to take a personal inventory of your life. Have you and your lover ever considered how much pain your little meetings would cause if you got caught and believe me you WILL get caught eventually.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but, I think you need to stop and put yourself in the shoes of your husband and your lovers wife/partner. See how it would break your heart and completely crush your world. If you believe in karma then you know how this thing is gonna come around and bite you in the ***.

    Do the right thing...

  • Thank you for your feedback. The thing is, both my spouse & his partner are aware of our situation. They both know that P & I love each other and seeing each other. What you are telling me is all common sense. However, what I need to know is that is there a future between P & I or are we bound to get stuck in our other relationships?

    If anyone out there can help me with a free reading, I will very much appreciate it, I could also be reached at wsh58@hotmail.com

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