• Hi,

    Ready for something new in regards to work. Love the residents. Management isn't good. Thinking about my own business. Stuck right now w/home repairs and judging the right people to do the repair work--taking time. My main question is what can help me in mean time. I feel like I'm under a cloud and not happy at work. I did a personal reading. Do you interpret tarot. My reading seems to indicate there's something structurally wrong and imminent departure. Thank you--

  • Whatever you are doing right now for work, ask yourself questions. What licenses and or certifications have I accrued with this job? Does it correlate with me having legal rights to operate services within my own business? If so, can I get a DBA and then an LLC and then if you can, go to your local town to file for the DBA and an LLC takes minutes to get as you can get one through the internet. Can I get references from others that have received my services? Shall I and can I get their permission to allow me to use there references to build my reputation and help market my business. You can get a free website and for a bit more money, you can increase the quality of a website. Are there any people you know now that would buy into your product and or services? Although you are a bit stuck with home priorities, you can still work on blueprinting your business. You will then have a blueprint to present to various funding organizations if you in-fact need funds. You can also blueprint services offered and prices correlated to what services rendered. You can start blueprinting the structure of your business and therefore when the time is right you have the plan to put into action. While you consider a business, you may want to take advantage of the fact that you are renovating your home. Is there a way you can aid manifesting your business by considering renovations that will aid an office setting.

    Just a few suggestions.

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