Which Is Better 4 Me?

  • Hi

    Which is better for me?

    Cancerian june 25


    Aries April 7



  • Charmed,

    The answer is that neither of these men is the relationship you are seeking. You are being asked to question why it is that you hold so tightly to the idea that it must be the Cancer or the Aries - if not one, then the other?

    Right now the task you have in front of you is to heal from the relationship with the Cancer. There is much heaviness around you...feeling that he has betrayed or let you down in some way. Also a feeling of "why has he chosen another over me?" The truth is regardless of what has happened he showed you what you wanted in a relationship as well as what you don't want. Try to be grateful for that. It is an important part of the release and forgiveness that is necessary for you to move on.

    From a higher perspective, you are being released from somewhat of a prison. Waiting for the Cancer to "come around" or finally be "ready" to step over the threshold of friendship to romantic relationship has gotten you stuck in somewhat of a tower of isolation. Part of the lesson is to learn the difference between going "slow," allowing a relationship to unfold at its natural pace and realizing when something just isn't moving forward, to accept this and move on. At some level, you chose the Cancer because of this as there is a part of you that is either afraid or feels unworthy of finding the true love you seek. Come out of isolation - down from the lonely tower - and broaden your perspective to more than just these two men who underneath it all are just not available to you.



  • watergirl

    try and read from your heart and not the book. otherwise you plainly suck

  • song4jazz that was rude of you. ever heard the line if u cant say something nice keep ya mouth shut? try n learn that thank you.

    ps we´re all here to learn n NON of us here claim to be an expert. if you seek such here boy you´re in for an awakening indeed.

    Watergirl keep trucking on. dont let anyone tell you differently. you got my vote 4 certain.


  • if you're stupid enough to think watergirl is a psychic your one heck of a dumb dumb. most readers here are not psychic but claim to be are wannbes. you're the same as the others here who pretend to be psychic but are nothing more than psychic junkies... I would rather pay $200 per hour for a legit grounded and thoughtful reading and without a damn book to copy from, than to spend my time wasting for free here that do nothing but claim false abilities as healing and psychic powers. They talk like they know it all. pfftt I'm sure every blue moon someone will come around and give a real psychic read, but that is rare. Watergilr ain't no psychic

  • then what the eff are u doing here huh? just spreading poison?

    fyi non here claims to b anything!

  • Watergirl has helped many people here as well as CharmedWitchBente. They do it not wanting anything in return, there is no need to be mean song4jazz. If you don't want to read what they have to say, just don't do it.

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