The Captain can you help me????

  • hello the captain,,, i have a question that is burning bright in my heart i thought i would

    ask u if you can see anything or pick up anything regarding this,,, if u have time i would be so thankful

    recently i applied for this job and i saw they will hold a interview on 14th of august for this job

    and whoever get invited to the interview can go

    i would love to be invited for this interview on 14th

    its my moms birthday as well, it would be soooo special to celebrate

    my mother and me scoring this interview,,,,

    i was wondering do you see me attending this interview on 14th???

    or perhaps attending any job interview this month???

    this is a fire burning bright in my heart, i wish i could score a invite for this interview

    can u see anything regarding this???

    im born may 23rd 1983

    thank youuuuuu soooo much for your help!!! and insight!!!

    god bless you always the captain!!!!


  • I feel that self-doubt and lack of detail (not knowing exactly what you want to make you happy) is interfering with your work search. When you truly believe in yourself and your talents - maybe write them down so that you have something concrete to reinforce your self-belief - you will get the perfect job. I feel also your attention may be more focused on relationships than job-seeking.

  • The Captain, while i might be confused a lot of times as the typical gemini.... i do think i found my calling in life...and this is it i think.....and this upcoming interview is all i want, i havnt been focusing on any relationship for 1 year now as this isnt what i want in my life at the all for career ect,

    you didnt mention if you think or feel i would score this job interview on 14th this month?

    if you wont be able to pick up on this , no worries...

    just wanted your reflections and ideas, thank you dear, have a great day

  • ps the captain, just want to add that YES relationships as for families has been a huge distraction, i thought you meant relationships as of partners or love ect, which im not interested or havnt been around for 1 year.....your correct in everything you mention about just curious if i will score this VIP interview....while i understand you might not be able to say yes or not..... :-.)

  • A decision to invite you has not yet been made at this point - but that may change. Think positively and send good vibes to the employers.

  • dear the captain thank you so much for taking your time to respond to me

    your words mean a lot, and do give hope to me...

    i will for sure think positive....wish you a lovely day today dear oxoxo

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