Why Are Men So Weak???

  • Hi

    I ask all men and woman WHY ARE MEN SO WEAK???

    Now you prolly ask whst brought this on? Well i´ll tell ya. I have this friend whom i love very much, i care deeply for him. Before he married a skank back in 2004 i warned him of her bad as bats outta hell credit standing. debts size of all mountains in the world combined. She cheated him to marry her by claiming she was pregnant. She never was, had herself fixed years before as not to ruin her "figure". In the run of the marriage she has had him do business that were fixed to con IRS and people. he has paid off her debts, backtaxes and more. Set her up in her new country for a real estate condo rental and more. What does she do? she sells a car not in her name , a car he has spent years on returning from a heap of scrap metal to its glorious former self for shows parades and so forth. sold it to a guy got 11.000 when the car was worth at least 700.000. the guy gave it to his son who totalled it the same afternoon. she went n got a tummy tuck for her goddess weekend with her skank pals.

    she has drawn him in n out of court since he called it the quits, hung him out along side a worker who accused him of pimping in his own condos he rents out for vacationers, when fact is the worker was the pimp. my friend was hung out to dry on facebook on liars dot com and who knows elsewhere. i warned him of all this sent it to his email and called him about it. whenever i saw found by accident any bull smacked out there i warned him. i warned him before stuff would happen.

    he finally had enough n called all out on her in regards to beware of barbara huber demon, bewaredemon dot com but soon took em down. all in all he has more or less been a gentleman toward her while she always ripped him a new one. a few mopnths alone as single divorcee what does the moron do? he takes her back.

    now thats in my mind stupid n weak.

    hence WHY ARE MEN SO D*** WEAK????

    charmed utterly in disbelief and cannot fathom the stupidity of her friend ... GAWDS!!!

  • ahhhh the age old question!!! He is lonely and men seem to love it when women are bad, it is probably the same as women "I can fix it" syndrome so help him find a good woman lol

    just support him as best as you can cos what men forget is the real woman that will love them for who & what they are not what they can give materially

  • ive considered that but i feel im at end of my be there rope. this stinks!

  • Most do come around to their senses but it takes a lot of patience then again some just don't

    it is a paradox ha ha

  • i just wish someone could see whats ahead if i stick bc im not too fond to sticking again. boy what a mess!!!!

  • anyone else has some info to this?

  • Weak is a relative word. You need a strength reference in order to compare and realize if the weakness exist. I belive this thing called love can (not always) make anyone (men and women) weak for a simple fact: love makes us receptives. And depending on the level of love, a human can be so receptive that he/she can make anything for the other. Why men are usually easier manipulated by love? Simple: because today the society imposed that men have to go after the love. So, having so much work to archieve love, anything goes to maitain it.

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