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  • i used to hang out with a female friend last year. we got into an arugument and havent spoken ever since. its been more than one year. a while back, her friend reached out to me wanting to talk, and i ignored. not sure what she wanted. my hunches were telling me not to respond, so i didnt. i wanted to know how this female friend thinks about me these days? does she have any desire to make amends? and regarding her friend, did she mean well when she shoot me a message? thanks!

  • hi

    hard to say without knowing what the fall out was about. off bat i feel the friend of ur falled out friend is trying to build a bridge between u, so b the negotiating bridge.

    id not b too worried. if ure too curious send a mail to teh mediator friend asking what they want from u, and if they reply u can base an actual action upon it.


  • hi, the reason we stopped talking was becuz she badmonth me behind my back, and after i heard it, i confronted her. and she chose to deny it. bold faced liar. i felt hurt and betrayed. becuz for a long time, i considered her a good friend, and i really enjoyed her company. sometime i do miss the old happy days with her, but then i got mad thinking abt what she did to me in the end.. thanks for the reply!

  • ive had one of those to. i told her in end ill b ur friend but i will never entrust u with anything ever again. i trusted u n u betrayed that trust, u betrayed our friendship by siding n helping my enemies to harress n abuse me verbally n physically. u help them kill me. not cool not cool at all.

    after that it sizzled out, mainly bc she was so ashamed n couldnt face me. last i saw her she had all i ever wanted a great husband a great job great pay n a 3 year old kid n was expecting again, she whined complained n boy did she ever whine. i almost slapped her. i had just undergone surgery to get my appendix removed also an undiagnosed bad case of endomitriosis.

    looking back had i known of my endo i would have spat that out n slapped her butt.

    the way i see it are we better off with backstabbing skanks.


  • Do you want a negative person in your life or do you want to surround yourself with positive, life affirming people who will make you feel good about yourself. Negative people will drain you of energy.

    Trust, once broken, can never truly be mended no matter how much time passes as it breaks you so deeply that you will never allow the person in enough again that much.

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