Oh the drama!! Help

  • So I met this man and we hit it off amazing chemistry but it's complicated on his end as well as mine. We both have trust issues for now we aren't pursuing much of anything. He is an amazing guy smart funny wealthy just everything I would want in a partner. Can anyone give some insight into this I am an Aries. I don't know his exact date of birth

  • If you both have other partners, then I can see why there would be trust issues.

  • It's a little more complicated neither or us are married. I am aware many people are very judgmental of things like this the guy I was seeing we are no longer together we were talking about working things out and I just find it tiring his situation is similar. He was in a relationship his partner cheated and she wants to work things out

  • So what I am saying our trust issues aren't with each other but coming from where we are both coming from it is difficult

  • Yes there are trust issues between you if you have had difficult past relationships. So why don't you both just take it slow and see where it goes? Has he indicated he wants a deeper relationship with you?

  • Basically he says I am not ready for that and to be honest I am in no way ready for a mess and I just want something easy but his spirit his vibe they speak to me. He knows so much of what I want without me telling him and beyond that if his heart is still hurting over a past relationship and hasn't healed I don't know if I want to go there. This is why I am asking what do you see here what should I do

  • Then you should try to be friends and see where it goes. Just take it slowly and try not to have too many needs or expectations of each other. If you don't follow this through, you will always wonder if he was 'the one', no matter what any psychic tells you.

  • I just don't want any drama my life is complicated enough but something about him feels good and I am not a woman who is quick to open my heart to anyone not even my girlfriends or family

  • I'm afraid love and living always involve some sort of drama, at some point. You can only avoid it by living in a cave far from anyone. Otherwise, you just have to trust that you have the strength and wisdom to survive whatever life throws at you. But if we are not here to live, love and experience, then what are we here for?

  • Fear presents the greatest obstacle in our personal lives. Captain is right. Trust your abilities...and also your instinct.

    It sounds as though both of you have insecurities. Nothing in life is guaranteed, not even the next moment. Not wealth, not health. Love is a well that springs from within ourselves, and when we make the decision to share it, we must acknowledge that one truth.

    When you can look at each other and say YES, this is what I want, come hell or high water,

    then it is time to move forward.

  • Hades?..lol...thank you..I will try to be more careful!

  • We talked and decided to just work on our own individual situations at the moment

  • Very sad because I feel like there was a lot of potential as he says the intensity was quite shocking but you know

  • Intensity can be scary. It can also hide the truth of a situation so pulling back a bit is a good move to gain perspective.

  • I guess it still makes me sad!

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