What Am I Missing Here?

  • Hi all who´ll help me

    What am i missing in this picture with my cancerian friend?

    I sensed as did other readers that he was divorced and so happy being single. Living life and slowly moving his way toward me and a possible us? Mind you at this time i am part glad of his sick lame weak whimp choice to take back his demon ex, as it more than less set me free once and for all.

    Am i missing he never was divorced? never single? and only stringing me along? Im at two minds to ask to be read but i hafta. I feel its needed so i can move on fully by facing what is unseen and which i may have dreaded to face.

    I guess regard all this mess im more a scorpio than a pisces as i have scorpio rising in my sign.

    Anyways i pray someone or a few can aid me with what i do not see. he is a cancer june 25th and i am a pisces march 10

    thank you


  • Intense in feeling, this relationship can become a kind of womb, a place where the two of you can feel nurtured and protected. In providing this safe harbour, the relationship can catalyze self-transformation. It can teach you to give yourselves over to and trust each other and the relationship itself. Neither of you forms deep bonds easily but you may have felt from the first contact that you could trust the other person. You may have both been misunderstood in the past - by parents, lovers, even friends - now here suddenly is someone who seems to accept you. Is this feeling to be believed? Or is it just another setup for betrayal? How you two respond will have a lot to do with how the relationship goes. Old wounds may make you distrustful and wary, setting up the conditions for disappointment. If you can both accept the bond with faith however, the relationship can be all that it promises. Your love affair will be more successful if it is visible and present rather than concealed or distant. You two have to feel proud of each other and your relationship, no matter how private it is. You both need the satisfaction and confidence from being out in public together without fear or shame, even though both of you also have an intense need to spend time alone. In fact you would come to resent the relationship if it deprived you of occasional solitude. If other people are involved, then either or both of you may decide it is too much trouble and stick with the person you know, even if it is not the happiest solution. In a marriage here, jealousy and possessiveness can arise. The closeness of your connection might also inhibit your own individual development and self-realization - there is the danger of you two losing yourselves in each other if the relationship evolved into marriage or living together.

  • thanx cap. q is more now do i abandone him or wait this fall out yet again? a pal of mine say xmas it will blow in his face again. oughta i do anything at all? H''' if i know

    charmed torn

  • anyone else?

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