Help understanding meaning of Empress card in spread

  • I did a 5 card spread 7/25/09 & have been mulling it over since. The question was Am I on the right track for finding a new man in my life? I have been in the process of letting go of a past relationship. Here's the spread:

    attitude I assume: Knight of cups

    feelings/thoughts underlying attitude: 10 swords

    how attitude is evolving: Chariot

    Others perceive my attitude: Fool

    what I can't confront/hiding from self: Empress

    Very generally I interpret this as 10 swords- a painful ending , Chariot- through determination I can be stronger to start again

    Not sure if Knight of Cups means I'm a dreamer or signifies ending & is the Empress telling me to accept the need for change?

    Thanks for your thoughts & insight

  • The Empress card indicates that you need to take care of yourself, and do some inner healing and work on your self esteem before looking for new love. As you said, the Chariot means be strong.

  • Thanks AAE for your help. I'm happy to say I have been focusing on myself & my growth to renew/regain my inner strength & and self esteem. The cards & I agree.....not always true for me. I'll take that as a positive sign 🙂

  • hi;

    empress here has the obstacle meaning..

    what you cannot confront cannot mean take care of yourself..

    the empress in this postion means plans coming to a fruitless end; it also means infidelity, poverty.

    What you cannot confront is the realization of the outcome- which probably is that is OVER (i mean the relationship)

  • HighP09, thanks for your insight. It does make sense that the card represents an obstacle so although it was not reverse, the interpretation of the card is more on the negative side. Is that right? Fortunately I am in a better place then when I did that spread & as I have said I'm renewing my inner strength & self esteem so its easier to face facts & look ahead with a positive attitude.

    Read recently you had a birthday- I wish you a year filled with inner peace, laughter & love

  • Hi amused59

    you are right I did take the negative meaning because it is an obstacle. For me the meaning of obstacle cannot be associated to something positive. Thank you for the wishes.

    Same to you.

  • i am very curious about 2 things, people reading themselves and whether you have spiritual advisors that help you with your readings that are recipient specific.

  • Hi kiwrpe, I'm new to tarot reading & as a way to learn to interpret readings I practice on myself. At times I think I'm too close to the situation which is when I ask for help on the forum. Sometimes I mull the meaning over for days & then suddenly the spread makes sense. In those cases I wonder if the Universe is helping me see more clearly. One interesting practice I've started is to pull a card each AM & see how it is related to my day. Many times it is very clear as the day plays out & often I approach my day a little differently & Most times I have a more positive day than if left to chance. I'm not conscious of spirtual advisors but believe they are helping.

  • attitude I assume: Knight of cups

    You have developed a resentment, anger, frustrating attitude due to recent breakup

    feelings/thoughts underlying attitude: 10 swords

    The break up as shattered you and you have no courage to move on.

    how attitude is evolving: Chariot

    Slowly and steadily you will have attitude of gathering strength and moving head.

    Others perceive my attitude: Fool

    they feel ur too hasty and taking decision without proper planning

    what I can't confront/hiding from self: Empress

    you have tremendous nurturing power. maybe too much were you a doormat in the relationship...if yes u need to work on it and develop self respect

  • NamasteIndia, Thanks for your energy interpreting my reading. i think my initial feelings were as the cards revealed, but almost a month later I feel stronger & have better ability to step back, face facts & move ahead. No, I wasn't a doormat but one can always benefit from a stronger sense of self & self esteem. I'll be in a better place when love comes my way again. I'll keep my eyes wide open too!!

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