I want to get away from my absuive brother?

  • What can I do?? He is absive?

  • Lovely one? Do you guys live together? Do you have to see him?

  • I live with my mother now and he is physically abusive if I dont give him things he wants. I want to get out of here away from him. He threatens me and throws stuff at me. I don't have the money to get out.

  • Ok, for one, I am so sorry for all that is going on. I feel for you and send you hugs. Please know that these type of things unfortunately do happen in families and this one too shall pass. Big breath. You may or may not get support from mom but I think you already know that. Seems to me that lots has happened and most of it is not a good thing. My suggestion is this if I may. Work on what you can and let what is not working either slide by or let it be for the moment. Do not try to swim against the waves and for a while try to just go with the flow and work towards a way to be more independent of all of them. I hope this makes sense and then please have faith. This will change and you will be in a better place. I am sure of it.

  • Also, for now as long as you have to be there and at his presence (interference), whatever he says, do not fight him but just try to say "oh ok" even if you don't do it and have no intention of doing it. People who are so pushy and demanding will just move on to the next thing.

    I am trying to say that try as best as you can to avoid more stress and unhappiness around you.

  • Im not saying oh ok he needs to get out of the house. He pays nothing.

  • I only meant that if you cannot stop it or set boundaries, get away from it then ignore him and do not get into disagreements so he could hurt you.

  • Thanks ZNL im sorry I snapped a little. I pulled the 9 of Swords and that just made me feel worse about the situation. It means nightmares and regrets and depression. Hopefully it is just explaining my present emotional state.

    I understand what you mean by keeping calm to prevent anything terrible happening to me.

  • You sweet darling girl. No problem at all. I will cross fingers for you and I just wish that you could talk and get support from a family member who can listen to you. Let me tell you something with all the free and heartfelt readings you are doing you can only attract positive things to you and your life from now on. Xx

  • Thank you ZNL your words ave definitely made me feel a lot better. The people here demand so muchand dont do anything.

  • I hope your feeling better, dear. Have u thinking about pursuing a tarot reading career on the side? I read some of your readings to others, and I think your very gifted. You can be really good if you start your tarot reading "business". It helps u to generate some money on the side.. maybe it will help u move out and start on your own. so u wont have to deal with ur brother.

  • HI Aprilca,

    Yes that is a good idea. Thank you for the encouragement. It would really help me financially. Im not sure even how to begin though.

  • you can set up a website, and start a facebook page. maybe starting with low prices. build up your reputation first. or if you are a quick reader by that i mean you can give out your explanation of the cards after you pull, you should try those psychic sites, like keen.com. there are a lot of tarot readers on there offering readings...

  • LovelyPisces, I offered to pay you for a job reading on the other thread, you can set up a paypal account to go to your email easily. Maybe check Craigslist in your city, or put ads on. Just google online tarot reader and see what comes up? Do sidewalk fairs, festivals, psychic fairs....you know the cards plenty good enough now to tell their story!

    Anyway, my brother was an enormous a** who changed my mother's will, stole all her stuff, took the papers where he owed her money, etc. etc. I had to overcome my "lttle" sister mindset and become the bad azzed apartment manager I was and sent him certified letters of trespass, etc. I had to make him believe I would NEVER sell that house and give him half in his lifetime...which I would not have. Basically to beat a bully you have to make them KNOW you will do whatever it takes to kick their rears.

    However, you are physically in the house with the guy so it's probably not a great idea to challenge him - especially if your mother favors him? But, if he so much as touches you call the police - they will offer to take him in and may give you the option to decide. That would be a best case scenario.

    In the meantime, in real life, I'd tell every person I could that he is abusive and threatening....just in case you need to call up "evidence," in some way.

    Kind of harsh real life advice but I do feel for you. I was so lucky a father figured left me the money to buy my brother out of my mother's house and out of my life!

    Just remember, no matter how much they try and make you feel like a little kid again, you're not, and at some point you will find a way to turn things around!

    Take care, thank you for all you do and blessings....

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