Job-related reading request

  • hello all,

    i'd really appreciate it if any of you could do a job-related reading for me. i've opened up an online photography business very recently. i love it and i enjoy it very much. my question is; is there a possibility for it to become my full-time job in the near future? will i be able to make money off of it? i know that yes/no questions don't work very well with tarot, so just a quick look into the future of it with any sort of advice would be really really great.

    thank you so SO much!


    I am clairvoyant and I feel that you will be more involved in groups. Like schools, yes the on line ideal is great , but will also take effort on your part to expand in other areas such as what has been brought to you in my statement above. I see alot of blue in your presentation and you need to add some yellow to it on line.

    Weddings will be a real go getter for you money wise. I get a green light here which means this business will grow and yes in the next two years will become your full time career.


  • shuabby, thank you! do you mean i'll go back to school? because i am actually considering that 🙂

    "I see a lot of blue in your presentation and you need to add some yellow to it on line." could you please explain what you mean by this? what do blue and yellow represent?

    yes, i'm photographing weddings and such and my business is directly related to that! i was very surprised you got that! so so impressed! thank you 🙂 i hope i can expand it in the future. thanks again!

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