Will he come back?

  • My ex put a restraining order on me. I am not allowed to contact him. I love him so much and am sick without him. Its been 2 months. I didn't do anything to deserve that restraining order. He talked to me on the phone up until they served the restraining order. I want him back with me.

  • Hi sweetie

    ever heard of the saying if u love someone set them free? well i think u MUST for ur own sake, set him free. IF he returns he was urs all along, n if he doesnt he never was to b ur man.

    i know too well how it is to give up on the man u love even think u love. pisces love deeply n unconditionally almost clingingly, we+d rather die than let go.

    if u never had to let go of anything nor someone u love this much now is the time to attempt it. a restraining order does say, no i doint wanna be with you, leave me alone or else.

    clear marking of his boundaries which u much heed. it sucks i know but ask urself this, is he worth going to prison for?

    i will leave u with this last question, does ur entire life evolve around this man ? if so time to wake up n see what else u havew going for u, who else is watching u wanting a shit with u, one who is worthy of u, not one who uses u n then slams u like that one did.

    hon u deserve better.


  • Thanks Charmed.

    It really helps when someone says I deserve better because he has made me out to feel like the bad guy. I obsessively blame myself. He didnt care much to look for me or reach out to me the first time we were separated. If he was doing me a favor cause he felt bad for me then whatever I wanted him to talk to me cause he loved me. I havent been with anyone since him but he has been with other people. It hurts me.

    Yes my entire thought process revolves around him.

  • Well honey u DESERVE a better man in your life, and he will show. For now take time out for urself, change thought pattern in the phase of time that is needed. no one can say how long it has to take. if u need to write down all neg he has done as it will help u see clearer n it will propell u into a change overall.

    let us know hos ya is faring

    loads of love


  • LovelyPisces,

    Hi there, how are you doing? Just wanted to tell you that I was thinking of you and hope all is well.

    Hugs to you. I emailed you but it was rejected.

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