Newbie would appreciate some insight and opinions on a reading......

  • Hi, I am new here......There is a man I am interested in but he is very shy so things are progressing slowly. Since I am trying to learn tarot I have been doing readings about him to see what info I can pick up. I recently did a reading asking about what his past relationships have been like and I got the JUSTICE card which confused me a little.......then I asked for clarification and I got THE WORLD (reversed), THE TOWER (reversed), and II OF SWORDS (reversed). I would really appreciate any opinions of how these cards all tie together....Thanks......

  • hi

    first of all in tarot there is NO such things as REVERSED. if u read that in reversed u get NEGATIVE DARK things that NEVER was nor will be good for anything.

    Mayb u need to ask urself, why do i focus on messages reversed? what is it i need to learn about myself? what part of me do i need to love b4 i can love someone else?

    now this is meant by no offense but this is typical when women find a guy and subconsciously hell bent on finding negative things so they can dismiss a perfectly okay man.

    Another aspect is also typical for women to do is, hey he is a normal okay decent man he has to change bc being that normal decent and okay is just dead wrong.

    This is normal trait of women in need of CHANGE IN THEMSELVES n THEIR LIFE!!!!

    SO consider ur "reversed" cards was meant for yourself and not the man you tried to get information on. let me clarify.

    justice can mean many things but useal:

    Harmony, balance, equality, righteousness, virtue, honor, advice, a considerate person.

    Can this be why you´re leaning toward stuffing it up b4 it even gets somewhere?

    The world reversed:

    Imperfection, lack of vision, disappointment

    Can this be how you as you view yourself? Can it be you project it to him the guy u kinda like?

    The tower reversed:

    Following old ways, a rut, entrapment, caught in a bad situation, imprisonment

    This can be said that you are subconsciously seeking a change, but again you project it to him?

    2 of swords reversed:

    Release, beware when dealing with the unscrupulous

    Can it be you´re slowly awakeing to your own machinations of negative thinking projection and dire need to change you as you and non else?

    Often are the cards telling us more about us and what we need to do, what we should do as opposed to whatever guy or whom ever we ask the deck of and about.

    I say it again dear sweetie, the cards shows what you wish to do deep down. Yet as always, as woman you project it to someone else. A change need not be a change of job, a change of abode or new town new county, it can mean a change in style, change in color, a change of how you see other people. It can also mean you take that jump for a hobby you have longed to do, or that course you´ve denied yourself to take.

    I aint saying you is bad sweetie, just stuck. many women are and yet not aware they are until it is shown and pointed out for them. Alone that you ask and try your hand at a new thing proves curage. You have a lot of curage.

    I believe you will be a good tarot reader IF you skip the reversed. IF you wish to do the reversed may i STRONGLY suggest you use the reversed meaning as i have, to show the person you read for, even if it is yourself it is a sign of you as you need to change.

    Dear sweetie i hope this helps.

    Charmed 🙂

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