Dev with Ace Sowrds

  • Hello,

    I have been doing tests with tarot and I have people test the cards I draw for a day and see of the cards are relevant to a main event of influence of the day.

    I have drawn same cards for a female for the course of the past three days. I have yet to test but I am wondering if anyone knows a significant meaning of a repeat Dev and Ace Swords?

    So far it has been Dev and Ace Swords 2x and today I tried a triad and again 10 Cups Dev Ace Swords. I do not know much about this person and don't want to as I am trying to see if tarot can predict.

    Thank you.

  • Ace is cutting through to truth and also about honesty and that after the Devil may mean although one may feel guilty of burdened from telling the truth they will still openly discuss it regardless of how the truth may influence others that may be hiding from it.

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