Will I get over him?

  • My ex the last time we were together he ended it by lying and getting a restraining order on me. My family does not want me talking to him because he has put me through a lot of pain. I went an entire year never talking to him and then when I did contact him again we were okay for a little bit and then we starting fighting again and this time he threatened to change his number or get a restraining order. Then he finally did. He hinted he was and kept talking to me until the police showed up to my house to issue it and then arrested me since I didn't show up for court for an incident with him a year before. So I was in jail for two weeks and I haven't spoken to him since but only saw him in court which where he lied on the restraining order saying I threatened him and his daughter. Which I did not at all one bit and no where close to it. He also said in court he was only with me for 2 weeks when we first met which is not true at all.

    He is ridiculous and gets away with everything. He couldn't just leave me alone and ignore my email? He started talking to me again, why????

    He doesn't care one bit. He slept with someone else right after we stopped talking the first time. My family put me in the hospital cause they were afraid I was headed for a severe melt down dealing with him and that is how we stopped talking the first time. They hate him. They stood up for me to the police saying he lies about me and shows up at my house.

    Then I had a court hearing in the town he lives in because he lied to the judge saying I was making threatening phone calls. None of this is true but I plead guilty because I was put on meds and couldnt understand what the judge was talking about and it would have cost me money i didnt have to get a lawyer and all that to prove his stupid lying as wrong.

    People keep tellling me the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody but Im not for that. I don't sleep around and the last thing on my mind is somebody else. Thats just not right to do to myself regardless.

    Any advice? Reading please??

  • Nevermind dont reallly need a reading I think the situation explains itself just a little lost in thgouth with it

  • id rather have a reading for my financial status and quest on further my education on the Tarot and astrology. 🙂

  • hi LP

    I can look at your chart if you give dob

    I used to give full reading on here 3-4 yrs ago, but I don't have much time lately.

    no need for birth time and location as it will be just a quick glance

  • If you want to for me and him

    my dob is 3/8/83

    His is 8/17/73

    for me alone and the financial area and tarot career 3/8/83


  • Dear LovelyPisces,

    please don't punish yourself for loving and loving very hard and geninely. I can sense that you are the kind of girl where you don't fall for someone easily or every day and this has been a very important love/situation for you. I think you are wonderful and so was he or at least he did his best at that time. How about still continue loving him if that is how you really feel despite all the other things. acknowledging and accepting how you feel from a distant and as long as you feel the way you do about him. In the mean time, life goes on and maybe other things, other people will show up in your life and then you will see what happens. My point is that just because things changednperhaps he changed that does not mean that you have to do it too. You will be different when that time comes and when your feelings/you are ready too.

  • This "changednperhaps" is changed and perhaps

    Please be kind and gentle with yourself and do not push things. It is ok to still care and feel the way you do but honoring yourself by staying away and let things be. 🙂 hugs to you.

  • Oh and I did a financial reading for you using Angel cards and I pulled the same card twice.

    Card: Dreams

    Pay attention to your dreams right now. The recurrent dream issues signify messages that your higher self and the angels are trying to tell you.

    I hope it makes sense to you.

  • Thank you Znl! I really appreciate it. I am definitely not going to contact him as much as I really want to though it will get me in trouble. I miss him and am sick without him. I want him to contact me and want me back. He could be doing anything now and not one bit thinking of me.

  • I totally understand that feeling and at this point it is about you and your feelings. You are doing all the right things by keeping busy and definitely take care of you. Leave him and every thing in the hands of universe. Love and loving is always "positive" a good thing.

  • Lovely Pisces

    You lovely girl with a beautiful heart

    Don't waste a moment fretting over what he did. True that the psychic cords that join two people who were once together, sometimes remain unsevered and cause lingering pain.The solution is to visualize your guide or Archangel Michael (pray to them) to cut the cords emanating from your energy body to his in one strong blow. This is called psychic cord cutting. You may have to do this more than once. He latched on to you because he is very likely an energy vampire. He felt your need to love and be loved and may want to engage with you again. Avoid.

    Sometimes these things happen because there is a past life connect and you both have something to learn. Leave him to his karma and move on after clearing your energy. Visualize white light protecting you always.

    Feel free to ask me for a reading if you like but when I last read for you I remember mentioning that a loving person will come into your life and that you will be financially secure.

    Take lots of care

  • He sees you as an opponent, a rival. He is an intelligent person, he easily notices flaws, inconsistencies, and use them against you. These can be harmless innocent flaws but he will use them anyway. This relationship is karmic by nature, and as such the power struggle will continue for many years. In the beginning it felt right, you were captivated by him, his words, his physical attraction. You are more than willing to make sacrifices, which are often required in karmic relationships. And he likes this about you. Your giving/devoted nature is a boost to his self worth. You are expressive in love, he is confident that your feelings towards him is real. This is why the more you fight back, the more determined he is to inflict pain on you. After all this, you are still attracted to him, this is why you still care what happened to him, what he said about you and so on. Many sacrifices are required from you, to be the bigger person, a wiser soul. Indeed, underneath his cunning and cruel attacks, he looks up to you, always waiting for a reaction, and then base his next act on your reaction. If you ignore him, he will become more cunning and violent, provoking reactions from you. If you react in a calm manner, he will eventually calm down and lower his defense.

    Memories of past incarnations might come to you, if they haven’t already, it may answer some questions/doubts you have about this relationship and the other karmic relationships you had, or will have. But you can’t change the past. Your future starts here and now. He did what he did, you did what you did, try to move on from these. Because in this life time you will come across many karmic relationships, some of them are career related. It is crucial to respond to these souls, without dwelling in what had happened, in another life, another time. Use your gift of intuition to pave way for a better future, emotionally and financially, instead of re-living the past.

    You can certainly use your gift it to make a living and to excel in the occult, metaphysical area. Also it is in this area that you will find a mentor. You already have guides, but this mentor will help you in a practical organized sense. This is crucial to achieve success. Your true happiness, however, lies in a peaceful domestic/family life. It is clear from your story how supportive your family is. If you start Tarot career as a home business and start with family/childhood connection, it will flourish. A peaceful supportive home/domestic life is the foundation for your career success and expansion. This is not home as in marital home, but more of family support, root/hometown, childhood connection. Does not mean you need to relocate, but can also be your current residence. This mentor, could be a person, or a person that will lead you to a group of people, may also be connected to your family/root, someone from your hometown, or even works in real estate.

    Financially I see Nov/Dec 2013 and Spring 2014 as very difficult times. Fall 2014 the pressure lessens. Early 2015 it returns, but this time it comes with major financial - and romantic - opportunity. If you are consistent with healing, 2015 could be a banner year for you. Not only a new start, but a huge turn around from where you are now. Emotionally, your ex will continue stirring things up. This is common with karmic relationships. Unless one of you dies, it will not stop. You move away, he will follow. You find new love, he will try ruin it, and so on. What you can do is continuous cleansing and healing, as you can't change him, you can only change yourself and your life.

    This is all I can see. I don’t login here much, so I hope this helps. Much blessings!

  • I want to know LeoScorpion do you see us trying again to be together? I havent talked to him since he got the restraining order. May 5th. I am empty without him and often look at his profile and twitter. Does he love me? He has never said he did. I have told him though that I did.

    I can tell he bases his next move on how I react. When I act defensive he responds defensively.

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