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  • hello fellow readers

    can you guys please help me figure out where will i be working for this upcoming job ? will it be in USA or my home country that is in east ?

    i have been told that i will land a job very soon (in 2 months) . i live in usa but going to visit my home country next month and i am supposed to be getting this job offer there only. but i am trying to figure out where exactly will i work for this opportunity, in usa or my home country in east ? it would really be a great help if i get some information on this matter.

    thank you so much for reading~

  • Hi Ace

    well i think u need more to ask urself, do i wanna remain here in the usa or do i wanna return to the country of my birth? 1st that chosen u can deside on job.

    mayb the job can b done in the usa with internet connection to u bithcountry, many options.

    However i think u need to b clear on what country that YOU as YOU want to remain be in.


  • hey charmedwitchbente, thanks for pouring in. actually i am going to my home country for vacation and i was told that i will be offered a job there as someone from friend circle will approach me with an opportunity and i should take it as it will open the doors to other better opportunities. now i am settled here in usa and going there just for few weeks . i have to come back as my family is here in usa. i was just trying to figure out if the job will require me to work in usa or my home country ? this person is supposed to have connection with both the countries . so i was wondering what could come my way. i have been struggling to find a job for almost a year now but nothing has come my way. i am disappointed and frustrated at the same time. as this is supposed to be a good opportunity i might want to take it but uprooting myself would be a challenge. i just want to know it beforehand so i can have time to think about it. if you or some one else can give me some clue that would be really helpful. i just want to know if i will be required to work in usa where i am settled right now or my home country where i will go on vacation for a short period very soon .

    thanks for any help dear readers !!!!

  • aceofcups,

    Lets see what you are feeling maybe that will help,

    you want everything to be happy, but you are not finding happiness

    and you are feeling indecisive

    seems an old friend you run into which brings expectations

    your emotions are running strong but in opposite directions

    recently you have been suspicious and distrustful of someone

    you have been worrying about a burden and doubt is creeping in

    you will find peace, but there is worry behind it which causes you not to fully enjoy it

    you have been so worried that you are restricting yourself and it is causing doubt

    seems you have been fighting with someone...feels like a relationship or of the heart

    you will have some success, but don't forget to keep praying

    there is something that will happen that you feel it is not fair...remember to deal with people the way you think you should be dealt with...keep your emotions in check.

    All the worrying is not helping you, it is causing more problems…doubt and indecision. Things will work themselves out, but if you still worry you won’t get to enjoy it. So see what plays out, make the best decision and don’t look back thinking I could have or should have because that will only not let you enjoy what you decide.

    Hope that helps,


  • hey tarot-nick, that was great piece of information. i do am struggling with keeping my emotions in check but there is no love situation at the moment. i am worried for the next situation that is going to open up for me. i was just trying to figure out if i will be working in my home country for a while or i'll get a job in the country i am currently in. i'll remember what you said. even though i haven't come across anything as you have described i believe this information can help me if anything like arises in my life in future. many thanks for taking time to read. i really appreciate it!

  • i still want to know if i will be working in my home country for this job i will be getting soon or in the country i am currently settled in ? and for how long will i work there if it is in my home land . i am asking because i am settled with my family here and wouldn't want to uproot myself and go somewhere else for work if it will be for long. it will take too much away from my life and disturb my life quite a bit. i am totally confused here :(((((

  • WHAT DO U WANT 4 UR WORK LIFE??? figure that out n all else will fall into place afterwards. 4 now i´d not think too hard about work in usa or home country but what u would want for u as u.

    ur confusion is this, u want both worlds n u know it will not be a ideal solution. U dont want to make a mess of things. U must do what is best 4 u.

    deep down could it b ure scared of change???

  • hey charmedwitchbente,

    yes i am scared because i have a daughter and i cannot just leave her behind and move on with my life. i keep thinking what will happen to her ? how will i get reunited with her if people go against me? how will i live with that conscience that i have left my daughter behind to better my own life ? and i cannot take her with me. no one will agree to this. if people are okay with me working outside the country only then i would be able to work without worrying for my daughter .else it would be another painful and frustrating situation for me that i will put myself into. i am very confused and the only reason is that i would need to go out alone , which is perfectly okay with me, but i will need to leave her behind and the idea itself kills me. i don't know what to do about it :((((((( this is why i feel lost and depressed !!!

  • Seems to me ur mind is set on staying where u is in the us. Consider this, mayb the job solution offer has a branch in the us in which u can b connected to? or mayb work from home via internet. many work this way nowadays.

    the way i see it is u see obstacles instead of solutions. mayb a talk with a careerbuilder could b the answer?


  • i don't know ! i am just trying to figure out how should i manage the situation well when it arises in future. the reason for asking the question was only to know of my options beforehand really.

  • does it mean there will be no problem as some solution will appear as the problem will surface in future and it will work out well for me ? i am actually focussed as "what if's" because i feel there will be resistance from family and friends if i start working. do you mean you don't see any resistance or things getting bad in my personal life because of job or if there is relocation involved ?

  • You are right to fear your judgement--good for you. Listen to your intuitions---they are trying to warn you. You must solve your demons here---where you live. Going away will not change what you are looking to change. A quick fix is not going to bring the freedom you seek. Stay put. Have patience and do the work to resolve conflicts. I know you asked about a job but it's about more than that---more than you can say. You feel trapped. You do not want to owe anybody. You want to prove yourself. And you will. But not right now. You have responsibilities. It's that reality that leads you here seeking permission to ease your conscious because this would be life changing and that's not to be taken lightly. Spirit does not show a green light but you have free will. It will be a waste of time and unnecessary stress and costly financially as your desperation to make it work will lead you on too long hanging on to job offer promises. There is a time to be bold with action and a time to play it safe. This is your time to play it safe. How will you know?---make a decision and if you feel a weight lifted you have made the right decision. It's obvious you do not feel at all confident with the decision to possibly travel full time. BLESSINGS

  • hey blmoon, i could see a hidden message in the end in this reading.please correct me if i am wrong. i'll bear in mind what you mentioned. i would get back to you on this when things start taking shape and make more sense . thank you so much for this insight. truly appreciate your time and sharing!



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