Ever felt an almost instant connection with someone?

  • I am not talking about lust or necessarily attraction but just chemistry I guess.

    I would like to hear peoples experiences

    Usually there is at least some physical attraction. You can see or meet people you're physically attracted to all the time, but rarely to you feel chemistry with someone.. almost like you know them or are meant to know them and even though you don't know them you think about them.

    I have felt this with pretty much every person I have had a meaningful relationship with.

    So my most recent experience is I met someone who came to do repair on my place.. we chatted a bit and there seemed to be some kind of spark but I was also busy and had people in and out of my place. Before he left it was a pretty intense moment saying goodbye... the way he was looking at me and maybe me too but he didn't make a move... maybe unprofessional... maybe just hesitated or because the other people around. Obviously I didn't either but I always have faith in what is meant to be will be.

  • Hi

    I have experienced this. A man i mailed bc i felt we had a lot in common n i wanted to get to know him. His reply was like a click of knowing in times past, so long ago i couldnt follow it all the way back in time. karmic click, karmic knowing him.

    I know he felt the same bc we acted talked laughed like we´ve known each other always.

    regard the man repair men i´d see if i couldnt find him again n find otu if that spark is still present,

    best of luck


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