Astra, may I have your guidance?

  • Hello Astra! I was hoping maybe I could have a reading from you. I’d greatly appreciate any help you may offer.

    See I’ve been preparing for a move to Los Angeles. For the longest time, it has been scheduled for later this month but now it seems EVERY obstacle life can imagine has been thrown my way. My father has disowned me and whatever reason, my roommate and I can’t hold down an apartment. I no longer know if i'll be able to move in with my roommate and might have to start looking for another place to live. It's not ideal, but i may have to live on my own.

    These past few months have been trying and I knew I was in for a tough year but I had NO IDEA how tough it would really be. I guess this situation is good, as it forces me to think on my feet and be a stronger individual. But I can’t help but question myself now... Do you still see me moving to Los Angeles in the near future and what do you foresee for me career wise? My career is probably the most uncertain thing at this point and what i'm most fearful about. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your insight.

    My name is Bryan Mora and my birthday is May 13 1988

  • Hi Bryan,

    Hey it does sound like you have been going through the wringer! I drew some cards and this is what they seem to say:

    1/2: Center cards - Knight of Pentacles and the 6 of Pentacles. That sounds like a physical focused area of life mostly subconsciously with a desire for the 6 quality of the material life, So that sums up the move and career situation. You are poised to move (Knight of Pentacles ic), however you also want to know in the clear light of day that it is the right move (6 of Pentacles, mc).

    3: Above: Emperor, your viewpoint.

    4. Below, Temperance, asc. This then is a background with you in regards to this concern. Blending as an aspirational desire, this seems to say something to me like "being around people, blending is very important in your career choices, so when in doubt I would go with whatever is more "blendy".

    5. Recently, High Priest, mc. I think that shows some real soul searching about this path, you are seeking the universe's will here so that is good.

    6. Ahead the Ace of Pentacles, and that DOES say a new physical pattern, something is soon to open up for you in the physical life, so that could be that very soon, you are given an opportunity to move to your desired location, and begin a home pattern down there! So this is a fantastic card to see in any reading, so great things developing for you Bryan!

    7. Self, your attitude about this concern, is the Sword nine, so that shows you have concluded a thought pattern in some area and it is connected to this new beginning ahead. I am not sure what this card means here. It sounds like a lot of thinking about it.

    8. House - 2 of Wands ic. So you are receiving affirming about a path choice here, from someone else in your life. SO this sounds like a good sign that you are going to receive help, affirmation and support in this move of yours. This is developing (in the night, mc realm of the wheel).

    9. Hopes - 2 of Cups. That is also very affirming, You are looking for a PLACE you love, and a companion to go with it! Or something nice anyway. I think that you are really hoping that this move can spice up other areas of life too~! While of course you are totally focused on your career of course. I was not sugessting that you take time away from your career efforts to chase something else.

    10. Outcome - Pentacle 10. So YES to a move or a big change for you Bryan, something for sure. You are ending one physical pattern (9) and beginning a new one soon (Ace). So yes all looks on track to me.

    As for what I see for you career wise, I see a lot more money for one thing! And you are going to LOVE whatever it is! (2 cups). I think it is something of a very intellectual nature (9 swords) + Ace Pentacls plus 2 cups plus ten pentacles... hmm.. it is something you love, that makes use of your blending capabilties (talents) and has a strong intellectual component and a strong physical component. Something you love to say in material maybe, writing, a writing career develops! Or a physical therapist type of work. A smart therapist!

    It is interesting that the Ace shows so soon, ace of pentacles, that sounds like your career moves forward very soon, and THEN the move opens up something like that.

    Hey Bryan I hope something in there made sense, please don't take anything I say as advice. These are only cards you know. You follow your own conscience and hope for the best and I know that is what you'll get.

    Best, Mike (astra)

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