How Do I Fix This?

  • There's someone in my life who refuses to talk to me. I've sent him a few emails- in one I was very apologetic- but no answer. I'm not sure how to patch things up. Do I give it time and try again? Or should I just move on and forget about reconciling with him? I wanted to work things out, but I'm not sure that's possible.

  • Hey sweetie

    u apologized n now the ball is in his court. So in the meantime busy urself with ur life, ur hobbies ur work. i know it is harder said than done, but trust me its the best medicine.

    if he after say a specific time frame has not made any moves whatsoever, move on, bc there is always someone worthy of you out there.


  • You're right. We never really had a good relationship, anyway. Everyone talks about how nice this guy is, but he's always insulted me behind my back and acted in a condescending way towards me. This may be for the best. Thanks Charmed.

  • yw dear

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