Right Decision?

  • I had a small mixed breed dog in my care named Tiana. She was technically my brother and his fiancee's dog. She had an encounter with a Chocolate Lab, who is also theirs, but I also take care of him. Tiana got pregnant by the Lab and there were complications. She had to have an emergency C-section. Only three of her pups out of eight survived. Tiana began to seem sick after the surgery- we knew something was wrong. My brother's fiancee kept pestering different vets to see the dog. Her incision came open part of the way, but no one would really help. They ended up euthanizing Tiana. I really wanted to give her a chance. She was very sick, but I was hoping for a miracle. I just feel that I should have done more for her. She was barely two years old. I just don't know whether this was handled the right way. Was there any hope for her?

  • HI sweetie.

    Do u have a photo of Tiana?


  • Here's a picture from a few months ago. Tiana is on the right, laying on the chair. The bigger dog is Sandy, her pal. Sandy's female. I don't have a pic of Tiana and the father of her pups.

  • OK. Something happened and the file didn't upload. Let me try again...

  • Sorry. I guess I can't post the picture because of the file size.

  • mail it to lonniej2002 at yahoo dotty com dear. ill look at it

  • Hi and thanx

    well ur hunch of something was botched is correct. I feel someone at the vets an assistant messed up. Tiana didn´t subcum normally. She was helped. I feel it was an in training assistent who was set to set those stitched and didnt do it correctly. like they were set to close to the open in the lining where it would tear and open too easy. it was bandaged correctly though so the vet didnt check the stitchjob at all. Dunno if this helps you at all. However she will find her way back to you in time. cant say when because spirits dont have the same sense of time as we do. I am feeling she is working her way to another life as dog and this time she will b urs n urs alone. my hunch anything from 6 months to a year.


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