Blmoon, if you are there, I really need you!!!

  • Dear Blmoon,

    My hope soon to be ex seems to have declared war on both me and my son. He doesn't want us to go there and is preparing to make life impossible for us. He is so extremely vindictive and I just don't understand such hatred. This woman completely dominates and manipulates him. He has always been extremely selfish and narcissistic but now he has become a real monster. We have no choice but to go there and I can see that he is going to try to make life hell for us. I am not prepared to give up on yet more rights, the house is half mine and all my things are there. He doesn't want us to go and he is angry because he thinks I have been slowing down the divorce on purpose. Te fact is that I have lived and worked in different countries and it makes it more complicated for the pension fund to calculate pension rights. He just told me that he wants this to be over so that he can get his pension. He had never told me before and all I have done is provide the information I had when I had it.

    There is another post on the old thread it you have the time.

    Thank you for your help.



  • hi radient

    blmoon seems busy. so ill try n help. i feels strongly it is time for u to LAWYER up! get out the big guns, bc what they are doing is illegal and vicious. its psychiatric warfare and that is very wrong. LAWYER up ASAP!


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  • Charmed any time I read you, you make me smile !! You give me a beautiful childish vibe !

    thank you !

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  • yw breze 🙂

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