Insight please

  • Could someone please give me some insight on rather my ex husband is actually clean or just trying to get visits with my children because of his mother pushing him? I am really wanting to know what is going to happen in court matters that will be coming up in just a couple of weeks. I do not believe in my heart that he is clean or following through with the clean and sober life that he is supposed to have. I am just very nervous that his lies and manipulation (along with his sleazy lawyer) will get him visitation with my kids even though I do not believe he is clean or safe for my children to be around.

    Thanks for any insight you can give me,


  • Ask him to supply a doctor's clean bill of health each time before he sees the kids.

  • Thank you for the suggestion Dear Captain...I have to go back to court and I was hoping to find some information on what might be coming... I appreciate your advice. 🙂

    Thanks again,


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