Confused by the meaning of the three of swords...can it be well aspected?

  • I did a reading recently on the role a person would play in my life in the future and drew mainly positive cards with the exception of the three of swords....just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and could shed some light...

    The cards I drew were: 1 - Love & Me - The Knight of Cups

    2 - The Situation - The Lovers

    3 - Love Challenges - The Moon

    4 - The Foundation - The Star

    5 - The Higher Power - The Chariot

    6 - Recent Past - The Knight of Pentacles

    7 - The Near Future - The 4 of Swords

    8 - Blocks/Inhibitions - The 9 of Wands

    9 - The Significant Other - 3 of Swords

    10 - Advice - The 10 of Wands

    11 - Outcome - The High Priestess

    I'm inclined to think that the High Priestess in the outcome says that the answer is to be unrevealed at this time. The 10 of Wands seems to be saying to persevere. The Chariot usually means victory or a journey so I'm inclined to think that combined with the star that it could be success in this new venture/relationship. The knight of cups with the lovers seems to say the role is romantic...The moon seems to suggest that the challenge is to uncover what's hidden away, the person's true nature etc. The 4 of swords kind of makes me think of things going slowly. The 9 of Wands though and the 3 of swords are quite confusing when put together....If the 9 is a block what kind of block or inhibition would it mean?

    Has anyone ever drawn the 3 of Swords to describe someone? Or their role in a relationship?

    Blessed be.

    littlerose xo

  • 3 of swords expresses heartbreak and betrayal.. there is no other meaning to this card but heartache, loneliness, betrayal and separation. When you pull this card having to define someone he has potential to stray and betray you.

    Describing him 3 of swords is describing something the significant other has hidden. the tarot has brought it out in this reading in his position to be clear that something is there that will occur and cause heartache.

    9 of wands is perseverance, be resilient, expect the worst and prepare to face what is hidden. Clearly the 9 of wands is saying prepare for what is to come with the 3 of swords. Whether it is a lie, betrayal or simply a break up or something you were not hoping to hear.

  • Hi LovelyPisces!

    Thanks for replying! Yikes, that's what I was afraid of....the 3 of Swords has never struck me as a card with positive qualities. Is it possible that it might refer to a break up the other person is experiencing at the moment?

    Confused about the 10 of Wands as advice in that case...would you see the 9 as the calm before the storm, where one should batten down the hatches and the 10 as persevering after receiving this news/betrayal etc?

    Blessed be.

    littlerose xo

  • Hi Littlerose sorry I forgot I posted here.

    1 - Love & Me - The Knight of Cups --- Romance. New Opportunities.

    2 - The Situation - The Lovers --- Love. Romance, A union. 2 people coming together in celebration of a union.

    3 - Love Challenges - The Moon --- Illusions. So ok Challeneges in the relationship will be having your head up in the clouds. Wanting the relationship to be too much like something it isnt instead realize it for the way it really is and stop wishing for something else.

    4 - The Foundation - The Star ---- Hope. Fulfillment. The relationships foundation is built on renewed hope in life brought on by this new union.

    5 - The Higher Power - The Chariot --- Chariot plays the part in being the mold that keeps this relationship together. The relationship is the journey.

    6 - Recent Past - The Knight of Pentacles --- Your persistence to have what you want and the love you deserve brought you to this successful relationship.

    7 - The Near Future - The 4 of Swords --- Rest. Reflection you might reflect on how this relationship evolved. Maybe that is the calm before the storm.

    8 - Blocks/Inhibitions - The 9 of Wands --- The 9 of wands could be tellling you your eagerness to give up when times get tough but the 9 of wands encourages hope and to not give up. Your block could be the part where you feel unrested and the need to break it off.

    9 - The Significant Other - 3 of Swords --- He will cause heartache.

    10 - Advice - The 10 of Wands ---- Oppression. Overwhelming stress. You will be able to handle what comes yoru way with this.

    11 - Outcome - The High Priestess --- Conceals secrets and wisdom. With her help you will get through and find the best possible solution to dealing with it. Whether it be breaking it off or getting over it and continuing the relationship.

  • Hi LovelyPisces!

    It's okay I thought you might be busy. Thanks for getting back to me.

    Hmmm...that makes sense every time it's gotten tough so far I have actually tried to run the other way.

    All round that's not entirely bad....not time to run for the hills just yet. I think 😄

    Fingers crossed it all goes well....I see so much potential for disaster in this relationship.

    Blessed be,

    Littlerose xo

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