Would love a reading please :)

  • vettech78

    Hello, Im 34 yrs old and currently engaged. I just suffered a miscarriage of my 1st pregnancy last Friday. I was 18 weeks pregnant to the day. The doctors are fairly confident that what had caused this was that my cervix was too weak to carry the weight of the baby. something that happens in 1 out of 100 women. They encourage me that this is a issue that can be addressed by stitching my cervix the next time til its time to deliver. so there seems to be hope for the future. my fiancé is an over the road truck driver and unfortunately is was on the road when this occurred, he came home Monday and will be home at least til fri or sat. anyway he feels awful he couldn't be here for me, and it was rough for him out there during this awful time. he has been so compassionate and supportive. he has mentioned looking for local work for sure this time. his current boss wanted to add extra runs while all this was happening! I cant believe that mans lack of compassion! This has been so difficult for me cause at 34yrs of age I thought I would never see the day that I would have a family of my own. my fiancé has 2 kids with previous r.ships, however they don't live in this state. He and I are worried about our chances of having a healthy baby together, afraid this issue will come up again, we are just praying that the medical solution they mention will help us, and be implemented the next time. Being my first pregnancy, and a longing to start our life together as future husband and wife this has been devastating for me as also hard on my mom, which this would've been her 1st grandbaby. she already went out and shopped a lot and had all the games for baby shower set up! 😞 They believe he was a boy and funeral home is nice enough to cremate and give us urn free of charge. Could someone please do a reading on this situation, about our future, possibilities for our family in the future?

  • I pulled 3 cards for you.

    8 of Wands -- Sift action is needed. Whatever your goal is you might want to jump on working on that goal right now since possibilities are in the air for you right now. Though this may be hard this card is encouraging you to try again at this time to build a family. A loss is a terrible thing but somehow we need to pick ourselves up and dust off and try again.

    8 of swords -- Encourages you to move forward into the future. You fear getting hurt or disappointed but there are blessings ahead for you. Fear is there to hold us back. What things you've been through are the main cause of what could really stop someone in their tracks because the unknown can be scary.

    Last card I pulled is The Sun --- And the Sun is a very good omen for a pregnancy. The fact that this card came up as your near future card, definitely confirms a pregnancy. You two will have your day of triumph and victory.

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