Aries/Pisces Female in love with a Gemini/Cancer Male

  • Hi there folks.. Let me give you the low down on my situation here. I have fallen head over heals for a Gemini/Cancer cusp male. We had a fantastic relationship for a few months and now it's beginning to dwindle (went from a flowing river to almost a trickle).

    We met each other though his cousin (which we are both close to), talked over the phone and computer for 2 months then met face to face. He lives about 57 miles from me (little over an hour away) and we became intimate, I asked for a relationship.. he does not want a long distance relationship. He said he just wanted to remain friends so I went out on a date with another and he found out. He became very jealous, we reconciled and got into an argument about having a relationship. We quit speaking for 2 weeks, he called me.. we made up and got back together.. He does not want me with any other men but he refuses a relationship at the same time because of our "distance".

    Now our relationship communication is slowing, we hardly talk anymore.. we still do every day but not like we used to.

    Being that he is Gemini part Cancer, do you think maybe he is either too comfortable and secure now with me and that's why our communication is slowing (is that a trait or just being male?) or is it because he holds a grudge against me for going on a date with another man?

    Please help, I'm so confused!!

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