Taurus Man Asks to Talk to Scorpio Woman After Breakup - Reading pls?

  • I need help w/this and would appreciate a reading on what to do/where to go from here... We hit the 3.5 month mark, things were virtually perfect - He had me meet his mother (she says he does not do this, ever) and family, was making plans for us 'down the line' or would simply talk about his future as 'we', not 'I'; the ONE time I bring something up that bothers me, he freaks & we break up. NOW, after a week he asks me if I want to "go see him and talk"... My issue was that he doesn't keep his word and we don't do any of the things we used to enjoy together - like hiking, going to the beach, etc. There are many details; he's also a marine so he suffers from PTSD and told me, the same day we ended things, that he was afraid. He was also still talking about future plans (HIM, not me) right up until I calmly presented that it made me feel dismissed or undervalued when he didn't keep his word- the plans that HE makes for us. Instead we always end up laying in bed, watching tv, movies and laughing - which is fantastic, trust me however, he kept saying "next weekend I'm taking you out, etc" & then would forget!

    His brother and mother both told me he's in love with me and he's scared... he hadn't been w/anyone in 4 years so I get it and I was patient and supportive - never pushed him. He even wanted me to stay and go to the beach w/him after we broke up... I'm at a loss.

    I didn't contact him afterward and it's been 1 week. Now he asks me to grab the bug spray (mosquitoes LOVE me), and took the initiative to ask me to meet, told me where (by the water, which he knows I love) and seemingly 'manned-up', so to speak.

    My first time dating a younger guy and a Taurus as well... I'm used to being chased, not feeling this way.

    Me: 11/13/80

    Birth time: 8:00 am EST

    Sun: Scorpio

    Asc: Pisces

    Moon: Capricorn

    Venus: Libra

    Mercury: Scorpio

    Matt: 5/8/88

    Birth time: 8:00 am EST

    Sun: Taurus

    Venus: Gemini

    Mercury: Gemini

    Is this worth my time/effort to go 'talk' or should I nip it all in the bud, move on and get over him.

    Thanks in advance - this 'meeting' is tomorrow @ noon so any/all help would be appreciated!

  • Sorry to say, astrology predicts this relationship may prove more important and effective as a friendship than a love affair or marriage. You are compelte opposites and differing attitudes can bring dissension. Heavy expectations here can be counter-productive and strict unforgiving attitudes may make a free and easy exchange here difficult or impossible. Your love affair will be complex and passionate, and sexual attraction and jealousy can run high, with pain and suffering too inevitably close behind. A certain personal magnetism can often result in a love triangle which will have destructive results. Your need for emotional honesty and full expression may be thwarted or wounded by your partner's critical attitudes and frank assessments. He likes to be left alone a lot of the time and any classic controlling or claiming stance on your part will likely vex him or even drive him away.

  • No don't go see him and talk. He can't just break up with you cause you try to talk about something that doesn't please you. He is younger then you so this will continue. He is in love with you but he is scared. Yet there are a million other ways to express that than breaking up with you and playing mind games. No way. You're silly to go to this meeting with him.

  • Also, by experience this Taurus will play you with whatever game board you give him. Have seen a Scorpio and Taurus relationship before.. outcome is hes sleeping with two people now.

  • Thank you for the responses. All are sincerely appreciated.

    Actually, I did meet up with him, with no expectation other than some potential apology and a 'let's be friends' discussion however, he took me to the beach - I didn't push him to speak about anything... I love the ocean and was simply enjoying myself. He decided to talk about what caused him to react to things the way he did (full responsibility and acknowledgement) - completely honest and open and stated that during this week apart he realized that he's been alone for so long that he's ill-equipped to handle a relationship yet wants to work for this. He apologized profusely and was explaining that he was in fact afraid, he didn't want to break up and basically - with surprising openness - stated that if I were to accept this and was willing to give this another shot, he wants to be with me, no bs.

    I laid my cards on the table: terms, etc - I'm not an option, doormat, time-filler or crutch for a lonely heart- I'm a woman, who requires honesty, respect and commtment. He held my hands, looked me in the eyes and promised me that he wants to remain 100% committed to working on his issues (mostly the military brainwashing and how they shut him down; his fear of being hurt again once he fully invests, etc), making me his priority and then asked me to come to dinner at his mother's house. I accepted, had a great time - he was open, close and very happy/relieved. You can't fake the look of nervousness or fear he was wearing.

    His mother and brother both spoke to him and he told them that he's definitely falling for me and did regret his actions. He promised (he always says "no promises", jokingly) to remain committed, to never run again should I bring any issues to light and also, again, expressed deep regret and acknowledged his actions, why they were wrong, etc. HE did this - with no prompting on my part.

    We'll see where this goes but as far as my intuition goes, he IS sincere, committed and willing to do this.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Congrats....always trust your instincts and don't get confused by noise.


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