Tarot Nick Please can I have a reading

  • I have an interview on Tuesday is one of my dream jobs. Will I be getting this job?

  • Here is a pick up on your feelings,

    You feeling good about yourself, keep your wits

    and you want something bad...remember to breath

    what should happen will happen

    There is a nice guy watching out for you

    seems you just went thru where you need other peoples approval

    I have a feeling of happiness and completion

    but something is going to make you indecisive...need to be strong and not second guess

    you have been worrying if things will work out

    something is up with a friend...either a loss of friendship or someone does something...like sneaky

    something that you thought would make you happy...turns...feel sad...

    at the end of the reading you will start something new...feels soon

    Hope that helps

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