Would Appreciate Any Insight :D

  • I have been through alot in life and Im always hoping to stop being so anxious and paranoid about life and just flow with it. I havent been in a relationship for 3 years but Ive come to terms with that and have tried to get along on the dating scene but it hasnt been working AT ALL lol! Ive ran into plenty of cute guys but get bored easily or find someone that I like only to discover they're manipulative assholes. For example recently I met this REALLY attractive guy at work (His birthday is Feb 3rd 1987) that flirts and talks alot and we seem to get along pretty well but he has a girlfriend. A few days ago he hung out with me at a coworkers party and kissed me but I told him I couldnt go that far with him because he has a girlfriend. The next day a rumor sprung up that I had a threesome with him at the party. I figured it was him very quickly and asked him about it soon after. He lied about it and we became very friendly again (not to the extent of intimacy) but I just checked on a reading I got that showed he was a MANIPULATIVE PLAYER! I hate feeling fooled or for someone to lie to me and have no feelings about it! Even though this whole thing wasnt serious Im pretty upset! I know Ive had childhood issues with my father but even when Im trying to be careful!

    WHY DOES EVERY GUY I HAPPEN TO LIKE is an asshole like Mr. R (The attractive player at work)?

    Does every guy see me easy to manipulate and fool?

  • Hey Asia.

    No not all guys see u as easy. the guy at the office started the rumor based on 2 things. 1. his guypals was boasting on virility, a lowlife guy thing i think, n 2. bc u refused his advances. he has NO qualms to cheat on his gf´s. he is as many a mom would say once a player n cheater always a player n cheater.

    the more u ignore that rumor and any like it the more the other guy will see their lowlife pal lied. so keep ya chin up. there is someone in office either another branch of building or office who is a silent strong type he watches how u handle urself with the lowlives. u impress him

    dont look for him bc he is very much a shyguy. boy very shyguy. he has been burnt badly. in time he will approach u. i get a summer day in a year or more. so for now dont look for men at all.

    also u look for the one in all the wrong places. thats what i am told, and it can explain why u meet lowlife jerks n not a decent man.

    i feel mr shyguy is a good bf potential mayb more BUT mark my WORDS, it will take time and he may NOT come forward at all as long as you do the "hunt" for mr right 4 me.

    have u ever juist rested revelled in being alone with you n urself? working on u being enouigh by urself? i ask bc i feel even though u say ure fine alone u always are sort of on the hunt for mr right mr perfect mr whatever he is in ur eyes.

    so short version, keep ya head high chin straight n not comment on lowlives rumors it will backfire n bite them on their butts. show all ure fine on ur own alone n that u per se do not need a man to be happy, that u love urself as u is.

    When u do this, mr shyguy may emerge slowly. when he does, do NOT scrunch ur nose. I feel he is more man than ANY man u have EVER met. it includes all men u have dated n made out with. Boy what a man.

    if i had not a man i love i´d seek this shyguy out ..................boy he is so much worth ...............


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