I need some advice please on relationship

  • Hello! I need someone's point of view to the situation, please. it is about online relationships.

    I was talking with one person for some months, we haven't met. He probably felt something to me, but we quarrelled a lot (he could be rude). Some said that he is not honest with me, some on the contrary, that he likes me as a person. And recently he was very cold (but to my mind he just decided to stop this enduring communication, not that he became indifferent to me or maybe he was just in a bad mood).

    So this coldness made me kind of angry and i decided to delete myself ( i think it would be better for me). But now i am thinking that it was wrong, that maybe he would be depressed? and that later i would be very sorry for that. (I know that he probably really not the person i imagine him, and that the meeting could show how silly i was to have some feelings about this situation). But i feel that he could be sad because of what i have done and i have qualms of conscience( (and i am also not happy and still hope that he will try to return me, but i don't really want to be manipulative, it 's wrong to manipulate i know) So what to do? Must i think only about my self? but i can't get rid of the feeling that he feels really bad, may be it is an illusion and he is indifferent to the whole situation? Thank you!

  • Hi Mariskaa

    Ill answer you by asking you this:

    Why are you punishing yourself for a move well done? You found yourself in an hostile negative hurtful place and chose enough is enough. Good move great choise. Seriousy you dont need a negative rude hostile man at all.

    againm why punish yourself for a sound move?


  • Hello, Charmed, Thank you!

    I think that probably he didn't show his true emotions, that probably he liked me, but hid this and was rude. That maybe there was a misunderstanding between us (

  • Hi Marishkaa

    How have you been? I am not on here as much however I saw your question.

    I looked at some cards and can share what the cards seem to say.

    Your significator came up as 9 of Swords (you are really concerned about this question)

    The situation card is the 9 of Cups - A fulfilling emotional desire

    crossed by

    The 8 of Swords (reversed) so that again shows some deep thought about this and it is mostly an internal dialogue.

    Above the 3 of Cups - high hopes of a happy, developing feeling

    Below, the Hierophant - You have a background of wanting to do the right thing in life with people always

    Past - the Queen of Pentacles. That is a patterned 4, which shows you recently tried or were patterning this relationship in some way. There was a developing physical foundation that you were nurturing.

    Ahead - The Magician. You decide to treat this matter playfully and undelete yourself (or whatever it was you did) In other words, you act like a little child in this and simply smile and undelete and see what happens for fun. Then you kill two birds with one stone, your conscience is relieved AND you get to experiment a little too with life.

    Self - your attitude toward this situation - The King of Pentacles. You are resting in the matter for now from any actions.

    World - How the outer world is influencing this situation. 5 of Swords, a change of thinking is encouraged somehow from those around you.

    Hopes and some unexpressed emotions you have about this is the King of Cups. That shows a hope to settle this matter emotionally.

    The outcome is the Star. That is a very bright optimistic card and it is a fish hook, in other words.. why not fish a little, experiment and see what happens. You might land something nice after all. Maybe what you two need is your astrology charts compared. That will answer a lot.

    Also the only card in this whole spread reversed was the crossing card, so that seems to indicate positive energies to me! Something going on here beneath the surface with this man.

    Very best to you Marishkaa, I know you will do the right thing.


  • Astra, thank you again for the attention! I now took a pause to distance myself from him and to calm down, but then probably really will try to do as you suggest!

    As for astrology there is not so many positive for us from this point of view, so may be it's better just to let it go, i sometimes think.

    Thank you!

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