Would Like A Reading, Please

  • Hi! I'm not sure whether I've requested a reading on this or not, but I don't think another would hurt. I ran into a situation with one of my professors at school. I was wondering whether or not things will get better between us when I go back. Am I better off avoiding him? He has a tendency to put me down and make rude comments about me behind my back. It seems to be worse when he's under stress. And when he's confronted, he denies everything. I just want to make sure I do the right thing and don't put myself into a bad situattion. Also, what will happen if I talk to the dean about what happened? Will he finally stop or will it get worse? I've been getting conflicting advice on this. Thanks!

  • Hello mh83,

    I am a clairvoyant reader that comes to this site when I have some time to give.

    I feel he has his own issues to deal with and he feels inaduquate in some areas of his field or career. I also receive that you speak up and out to him making him feel more inferior at times and anger sets in and you are there to release some on.

    Suggestions I received for you is to right now at this point turn the other cheek and even take him an apple , as I feel he needs some reassurence and could really use a friend, not that you feel it needs to be you. Show him the respect he feels he needs and he will show the same in return.


  • Thank you very much for sharing your time and abilities, Shuabby. It surprises me that he would need a friend because he seems very popular. But, now that I think about it, he seems like he might have a lot of shallow relationships in his life. I think the way I've handled some of the issues with him hasn't helped things. With me, anger tends to build up and it takes time before I can deal with it and express how I feel. So, when I speak up it can sound very harsh.

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