Dream interpretation

  • Before I went to bed last night I asked a question for my dream angel to tell me if is this guy I like a good choice for me or should i pass on him ? and does he like women or is he gay as I have had doubts lately.

    In my dream I see a woman of color I know, which is my dancing teacher in real life, and she tells me : let me go and check on your questions. she goes and comes back with a bowl of fishes ? a little aquarium which is exactly like one I have in my home with 2 fishes in real life.

    She leaves the bowl on the table for me to see and walking around tells me : he is an awesome guy, and he likes women, and he is building his own business of fishes down the road. She said that he gave her the bowl of fishes, as a present. But she didn't seem quite very happy. It felt like he was nice to her but didn't feel to keep her around. I could tell something was not all right in her feelings. So i gave a look inside the bowl of fishes and there were lots of beautiful orange and red fishes, but only one fish was dead. I told her right away, and she din't even doubted on it, but told me " the keeper right ?! " as she new that the fish -- which for her was ' the keeper ' was going to die in the end.

    So when I woke up today, I had a good feeling on the good news I heard on him but I I don't understand how this is related to me and what about this keeper fish ? Also it felt like she was telling me that this was her story and not necessary would be mine if tried. 🙂

    something to know about the guy in real like is that he really works in an aquarium place, but he doesn't own it. Any thought ?

    Love, B

  • the stars stand for gay -- and I don't know what is wrong with this word 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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