Reading on suspicious activity.

  • Recently I have received this card combos: Knight Swords High Preistess 7 swords as a triplet. It may not be related but for the past three weeks I have been getting;

    accused and weird issues with my account at work, like money posted on accounts when I never took money to have to do an audit for it and the same person being the one who has these documents claiming I did. I am also now aware of petty gossip and verbal abuse at work from overhearing and complaints from others. I am getting 'underhanded- activity vibes. I work at a hotel and with about 10 employees.

    Any guidance appreciated.

  • I just got this again, Knight Swords High Priestess and 7 swords followed by clarify cards 3p and 7ands.

  • Hi Ariel360

    Well, I would say the Knight and 7 both relate to your intellectual life, the knight wants to move forward on something you are thinking about. The High Priestess between that and the 7 seems like a wall of silence, so that the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. The High Priestess can relate to business and commerce also. 7 in swords tends to get busy planning or dreaming of a plan or some design of the mind.

    Your clarifying cards 3P and 7W do seem to support this work (3P) suspicion you have. The 7W seems to point the focus back on the 7's as being at the heart of this question. 7's in wands and swords can be nervous as fire and air do not like to sit still. They either move or consume.

    The "work setting" and your suspicions there could be reflecting something inside of you, like, you may need a rest or a break from work (7's are resting) and they relax or try to. So you could be feeling some sort of need to pause and reflect on your career path. The High Priestess is also a very stable, fixed sign, so that also seems in keeping with a need to relax or rest or reflect.

    The Knight of Swords could relate to more of your outer world. You feel some pressure from the job to "keep going" and yet the 7's are saying take a rest and that could be a unconscious influence.

    So, what can happen is that the unconscious then tries to manifest life settings that bring the unconscious desire (rest, 7's) to pass (just a theory anyway). So that could tend to cause some increased mental activity related to work (KnS), and even some suspicions (7's can be a little untethered from life).

    It could be all be designed to cause you to say,

    "i need to get away from this place!" and take a long weekend at the lake or beach!

    Anyway, I saw your post and thought I would chime in. When is the last time you had a vacation?

    Best regards,


  • Its been years since I had a vacation. I am actually now with three job opportunities. The job I am at now cost about 315 to get there and brings in 850 a month, graveyard shift too. I have a Hospital job offer and a wedding event/sales/planner offer. I am leaning towards the Hospital Dietary Supervisor job as it is more stable and I can keep with my studies as well. Thanks for all your help.

    That swords card is in every day Today Is Tower 7 swords Chariot 3w

    minus the three of wands all other cards reduce to 7.

  • I got the weirdest psychic image I was at work looking one direction and to the right above and behind me a hand grabs a stack of cups from a cubbie shaped like a square. Between that and all the 7 cards Swords..

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