Could you kind people please help me in solving this mystery :((

  • hi fellow members

    i have been getting these readings constantly that there is a person who is around me in this workplace in future and he is doing some underhanded activity that i am not aware of. i am supposed to be trusting him but he has some ulterior motive . he would come across as a helpful person at workplace but i need to be careful with this man. he is supposed to be very dangerous and has got a good reputation in this workplace. people believe him and know him as an authority figure. it won't be easy for me to manage him or keep him at bay. but i am not there yet . and i don't know why would he do that? what will be his motive in getting me into trouble ? whet will he be seeking from me?can you guys please help me understand what is on my way and what is this man upto ? how can i deal with this situation so it doesn't affect my work ! i really am worried and wouldn't want anyone to play with me like this. i generally tend to trust people on their face value so i myself might be at fault. any input would be really appreciated .

    thank you so much for your time kind people !!

  • Well, I am feeling that being forewarned is already changing your future, which is the point of psychic readings. I feel the effect of this man's behaviour may be diluted now by your foreknowledge to be careful and wary of him. I feel it would only have been a harmful situation for you if you had been completely unaware of what this man was really like. just watch your step and you will be fine - don't take anyone at face value and use your intuition as a guide (which may have been the point of the whole exercise).

  • Also play the CYA game, meaning confirm in email if you are in an office setting. If you told to do something and they are vague...reply back with a this what you mean and spell it out. Then they can't play oh you didn't do what I said.... you pull out the email...this is what you said.

    It is tedious to do that but if you know trouble is and white saves you. You can copy IM messages too. Its a way to be careful. The warning is a snapshot of what can be...not what has to be.....

  • @thecaptain : thank you so much for the insight captain. do you really feel that it could change the course of this situation now that i know it? actually i know it but i am not sure how to deal with sneaky activities that are supposed to be happening in this workplace even before i enter the scene . i keep thinking what if they use me to do something that they can't do on thei own because it's unethical or something along the same lines ? i have no such prior experience in life and someone using me for their own selfish reason is something that i really am not able to digest at the moment. i won't trust anyone right away now that i have been forewarned already but i am supposed to be working with a private firm in a small town and i am aware how concealing and influencing the facts is easy for some people in such favorable situations . i don't want to get myself trapped in anything that could be illeagal or unethical but wondering how ..!! can you please provide with me some clue as to how to recognize this person or how exactly will they try to influence this situation ? i feel i am panicking here but dont know what else i can do when i know what is to come :((( i wonder what kind of mindset i should go there with and how to conduct myself behaviorally ... i don't want to give out a cold vibe and that i am unapproachable at the same time i don't want to be friendly and end up trusting wrong people .

    @tarot-nick : thank you for your helpful words tarot nick. i have never dealt with paperwork before and this is the reason why i am more worried . my concern is that if so many people are involved in this situation how would i know who is sneaky and who is my well wisher. as i will be new in this set up i would definitely want to be friendly so i can gel nice with people around me. but being an outsider i wouldn't be knowing the reality of that workplace at all and might end up trusting people whom i shouldn't and that could be enough to put myself through trouble :(( as i have written above i don't want to end up trusting wrong people and bring myself misery !!!!!!!! i am really not pamicking , but won't deny that i am feeling quite uneasy and demotivated already to actually go there but that place is my only hope as it is going to provide me with my first break that i have been waiting for for a long time. oh am in such a dilemma !!!

  • HP, you are already in the alert and questioning mindset that you need to be aware of what is going on in the workplace, which is the point of this whole 'exercise' - to make you more aware of your surroundings and the people in it. Try using your intuition/gut feelings to assess everyone with whom you come into contact. It's the sort of automatic survival mechanism we should all be using. And you can strike a balance between cold and overly friendly, between unaware and overly suspicious. Just be calm and at peace - and objective. It's really not about this one person but about you being more present in reality and the present moment, rather than in your head too much..

  • Trick is to be yourself, don't let them change who you are or how you think. It sounds like you have a bunch of people playing the ladder game. The game is very annoying, because it what’s in it for me and how can I climb over you to get higher. It will come down to choice, what do you value and how much do you want to put up with. Truthfully I am not good at it, I won’t manipulate people just so I look good. The manipulation could be the sneakiness... the trick is to understand the game so you know what’s coming. Watch and lean whom talks to whom, be silent about your fears. But very important; Never stop being yourself and who you are, it will turn into a learning lesson. So have fun with the new experience and learn.

  • thank you so much for your assistance guys. i'll remember what you both have mentioned. i hope i don't make fool of myself and be cautious with people around me . thanks so much for your time and inputs.

    love and blessings ~

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