My heart is absolutely broken..

  • Im a Gemini (5/27/97) and hes an aqua (1/23/98)

    Basically we were best friends for a few months, on april 20th 2012 he asked me out and I ended up saying yes regardless of the fact that I did not have any feelings towards him. All my friends pressured me into saying yes because he was such a nice guy and I went with the flow.

    It was a hot and cold relationship throughout april 20th 2012 - feb 2013. After feb he broke up with me. but march was spent mutually trying to get along and not fight and keep the love alive. so basically, everyday was normal we'd act like a couple, still tell each other we love each other, hug, kiss, etc. In april 2013 all the way throughout like.. the beginning june things were bad. I begged him to take me back and give me another chance on numerous occasions because I was just being really impulsive and I let my emotions take over.. which I regret. I stopped in may though and we decided to be friends and everything was going great.

    Then on June 28 which was also the last day of school he ignored my texts so I was confused.. I approached him and asked him if he's mad at me, he rolled his eyes, said no and walked away. I was like what the heck?? Ever since then I haven't talked to him but I miss him like crazy.

    Today a few hours ago I logged onto photobucket because we shared an account and we'd upload all our pics there.. he deleted all of them except for 7 which were like.. pics of us but not with each other. I cried a lot.. in fact ive been crying a lot ever since april..

    I honestly love him so much, I want him back, I really do.. I would do anything to have him back. but I also understand that him coming back to me would be HIS choice..

    what can I do? im not good at handling any of my emotions and right now I feel like a wreck.

    All advice is GREATLY appreciated in advance.. thank you so much.

  • cottontail start focusing on your next phase of life - college or finding a job go out with friends & start making new friends. Before you know it you will look back and cherish the memories of high school you have a wonderful future ahead of you so get out there and start to live.

  • He's only fifteen - I wouldn't expect a lot of maturity in behaviour from him. He will certainly not be the only guy to matter to you in your whole life. If you think back, you didn't even like him all that much for most of the relationship. Maybe you just got hooked on having a boyfriend?

  • I have been trying to keep myself busy in every way but hes still always at the back of my mind 😕

    and Ik I can't expect a lot of maturity from a 15 year old but in our relationship he was pretty mature, a bunch of girls have always liked him but he never dated anyone until he felt like he was mature enough for a relationship.. and i ended up being his first gf.

    As for me being hooked onto having a bf.. I did consider that. But the thing is Ive had around 4 bfs in total and a break up has never been hard for me until now. Its not that I NEED him to be my bf because even if he isn't it won't change the fact that i still love him. But what I want is for us to be in love and just be happy with each other the way we used to be. Ive been in no contact with im for a bit over 2 weeks.. He deleted our pics to get my attention and get me to talk to him then later on he prank called me with his friends to get my attention again.. and now he reactivated his fb account again after almost a year out of the blue but i set everything to private.. Do you guys think he might be starting to miss me? And he's on his high horse so that's why maybe he doesn't want to approach me first?

  • Well, I think all the pranking and games etc. indicates how immature he is. I feel he doesn't want to be in a relationship but likes teasing you to see how you react, because his ego demands that you still want him. Don't get sucked into his games - look around for a more mature friend. And don't expect to find your life partner straight off when you are just starting to learn about relationships and love. You have plenty of time for that. Just enjoy yourself - living well and being happy is the best revenge, they say. I think this guy would love to see you miserable without him.

  • thanks for your advice. I think you're right, I'm just going to continue to keep myself busy and go with the flow. if it's meant to be then it will happen.

  • CottonTail, can it be that the reason why you want him back is because you can't have him ? Your ego and pride are hurt and you confuse this feeling for love. Most people are familiar with this feeling and it can be very confusing, but you have to be very honest with yourself. For you it's a valuable lesson - trust you own intuition, rather than anyone else's, always. It will never let you down.

  • I mean, next time don't start dating a guy only because your friends like him. It's your feelings that count.

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